The weekend after

17 Feb

The few days after work travel for me are always lazy and relaxed. I don’t feel motivated to do much around the house or kitchen. Its almost like the longer I am away from my domestic duties, the longer I take to get back into normal functioning mode. This time the longish flights of 6 hours didn’t help either. I was lethargic , perpetually sleepy and tired this weekend.

I got back on Friday evening and was beyond excited to see the husbadoo and Bandar. The work days were long this last week and though a lot of the activities were stimulating and fun, for someone who typically works from home, it was a lot of human interaction! I used to enter the hotel room late at night after a good Vegas style dinner and used to be hit by the intense feeling of missing my little family . I typically readied myself for bed and switched on Frasier on Netflix (my all time favorite show) and just listened to it as I slept. I have watched every episode and every season numerous times now that I don’t even need to see the screen. After the first two days of work travel, you automatically start counting down the days and then hours that you will be back home. So I was more than just a little excited to see the Bandar and the husbadoo. I was almost shivering – not just with anticipation , mind you but with cold! You see, I had been more than a little foolish when I left the house on Monday. My bags were packed and I was ready. An email with an incorrect flight time drove me into a panicked frenzy and I ran out of the apartment  without my winter coat and accessories and the house key! Wonderful! I didn’t really need a coat in 70 degree sunshiny weather last week but I realized I was going to be arriving back home to NYC  on an extremely cold day of 7 F. So I wore four layers of shirts and blouses and hoped for the best. Not having the house keys also resulted me in waiting outside to be let in , so I was probably appaeared really happy to see my fam and get into the apartment!

The husbadoo whipped up a yummy pasta sauce to have with stuffed ravioli from Trader Joes and Friday night snuggles with the Bandar were especially sweet. Saturday morning, Bandar and I trotted off to a play date and after a few hours of fun, came back to another meal of pasta! Carbs galore this weekend, huh! An afternoon snooze later, I finally trudged downstairs to the grocery store to get something (other than pasta) for us and spent a pleasant 20 minutes shopping by myself. We had roasted vegetable sandwiches for dinner , courtesy the hubsadoo – Oh, please try the cilantro jalapeno hummus from Trader Joes if you haven’t. So delicious! We had a midnight picnic of sorts watching the match in our bedroom. Bandar slept off at midnight and I watched the Indian innings before giving into sleep. The husbadoo of course, watched the whole thing. Despite that he got up with Bandar the next day and entertained her while I was unable to shake off my lethargy and spent several hours reading my Liane Moriarty book  (She is really starting to grow on me as a writer – give her a shot) . Guess the husbadoo’s V day gift to me this weekend was picking up the slack of the abandoned household duties – 3 consecutive meals, Bandar care, house cleaning and so on. This was actually our tenth V day together and I can truly say I value this way more than the mixed CD he made me for our first one!

We stayed in from the freezing cold and had a relaxed day at home on Sunday. We skyped with our folks in India and had a leisurely morning. I made a paneer subji and a brown rice pulav (much to the husbadoo’s disgust) and I seemed to be almost back on track with domestic stuff.


6 Responses to “The weekend after”

  1. greenboochi February 17, 2015 at 3:58 pm #

    Even I cant take up domestic duties instantly after a break. My amma on the other hand jumps into action mode as soon as she enters the house. I can never ever be like that 😀

    • popgoesthebiscuit February 17, 2015 at 9:30 pm #

      Our moms spoil us , no! Like I almost feel that is the norm, so I should too. But I just can’t jump back in so soon.

  2. Revs February 17, 2015 at 7:03 pm #

    Welcome back babe!! Now write more, will you? 🙂

  3. Dil On The Rocks February 18, 2015 at 12:48 am #

    70 to 7. That’s something. 🙂 I had to remove Frasier from our queue, otherwise we would skip over the entire list and watch the default show. But I am guess I am over it now. Hope you are all set now. 🙂

  4. Zarine Mohideen February 20, 2015 at 2:14 am #

    I love Frasier! I doze off to TV shows when I’m alone too. I guess its the hearing of familiar voices because I’m too paranoid to sleep alone.

    We just had Trader Joe’s stuffed ravioli for dinner a few days back! Also, welcome back! I take close to a week to settle myself back into domestic duties. I try to jump right back in action but nope!

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