8 Feb

I am heading to Vegas next week  and I should ideally be packing , rather than writing this. Despite the sadness that I am not able to shake off about leaving Bandar and the husbadoo, I will be lying if I said I am not a little excited.

Vegas surprisingly holds a special place in my heart. Of all the unlikely places in the world! All my Vegas trips ( four in all) have been with the husbadoo. I even considered taking the husbadoo and Bandar with me on this trip, just to relive some of the past fun times we have had in this city , before Bandar, but somehow it didn’t seem worth it. I am going to be swamped with work event during the day and then the networking sessions in the evenings. And then Vegas is now not the ideal place I want to take Bandar too anyway. The passive smoking alone is reason enough. So this is mama’s first solo Vegas trip, People !

What made us go to Vegas four times in a span of 2 years – 2009 to 2011? Well, first there was our honeymoon trip. As I took all my vacation time,for the wedding, we only had the long weekends to travel around the US and on the July 4th long wekeend that year, we went Vegas.I guess your first trip after the wedding is the honeymoon , right? Even if it was almost two months later? We stayed at the MGM Grand and watched our first Cirque du soleil show – Kha. We walked all up and down the strip. Considering that nightlife held no charm for either of us, being “good” little kids who have never really gone to a club or even drank socially then, we surprise, surprise took to gambling on this trip.
Strolling through the casinos in the early morning, the dealers are only too happy to teach you the game.We played roulette and won a decent double digit amount on that trip. We started playing Black Jack too and enjoyed it.
We also got roped into the Timeshare  conversation by these sales guys prowling the casinos. We ended up getting a free hotel stay that has to be used in the next 2 years in return for our time in attending the timeshare presentation session.
So in 2010, we grabbed 4 other friends to go and use this free hotel stay at Excalibur. Probably this was the least fun trip of the lot for us. Our friends wanted to go out and enjoy the nightlife which we didn’t care for  and we preferred to spend our time and money playing in the casinos. Atleast we both liked the same thing, right!  We learnt Crapes on this trip which was so much fun . I love this game because the whole table almost plays together.And there is a lot of cheering. Again we won some meager two digit amount by the end of our trip, that maybe funded one good meal for us but we were happy. We also attended the boring timeshare presentation and clearly refused to buy the timeshare, but got a breakfast out of it. I remember the gambling not being very fun for one of our friends. He lost such a decent sum , but didn’t give up the entire trip. He even withdraw money at the airport to play the slots and to sew if lady luck would wave her charm. Sadly she didn’t on that trip. Anyway, he loved Vegas despite that and even took his wife on their honeymoon there in a few years. So gambling can get addictive, of course. Like in the case of our friend, who tried for three days to win something somewhere. Our simple strategy to not lose and awful lot is to decide on a preset amount, not withdraw a penny more, divide the money between us for each night we choose to gamble and try to stay by each other during the game.  Usually , the other person is able to get the player off the table when the said amount has been lost.
Our next two trips , were in 2011. We spent two days with the hsubadoo’s sister. I was on some emergency work project on this trip and  spent a large part of my day working from the hotel room. I remember watching the Will and Kate Royal wedding as I worked that night on TV! We stayed at  Monte Carlo this time and it was awful.We had to shift rooms two times to find one that didn’t have issues. I almost fell in love with the husbadoo again when he argued with the hotel guys to move us when we had bathroom flushing issues! Is it just me or do you not love your guy when he is fighting to get a fair deal?  Anyway, this trip was not noteworthy except that it looks like our Vegas luck had run out and we lost our preplanned gambling trip budget.

We did a trip again in a few months with my parents and sister and stayed at New York New York. I sent my parents off to a show and enjoyed getting some sister time with my little sister who was probably too young to even be in Vegas then. She must have been  16. But we just ate crepes at Paris and such like, totally harmless stuff. When my family went to Grand Canyon , the husbadoo and I  stayed and gambled again, and again lost.This last trip kind of made gambling lose its charm for me.I was also slightly older, 25 and  not 23 like on my honeymoon and actually valued hard earned money.We debated doing a  trip in 2012 for our baby moon but the passive smoking again put me off and we killed the idea. By then we had also lost the whole gambling bug, almost.

I still like the fake glitzy world of Vegas though- the grandeur of the hotels, the expensive but fun restaurants and other random things and people that you don’t get to see anywhere but here. I like walking on the strip for the people watching and never ever take the bus between hotels. Over our trips we had found places we absolutely love to eat at – this awesome veggie burger place at Paris, Asian fare at MGM , a nice Italian place in New York New York.

The husbadoo is such an integral part of my Vegas memories that I am going to be calling him a hundred times a day from there as I go through the motions next week.I enjoyed reminiscing about the Vegas trips and small , little vices of days yore! I doubt I will gamble at all next week but this was such a fun post to write for sure!

Have you been to Vegas? Did you like it? Any specific restaurant that you loved ?


7 Responses to “Vegas”

  1. princessbutter February 8, 2015 at 11:33 pm #

    I have been to Vegas for about 3 times now, sadly all times in winter time and it is SO windy! My first trip was for new years’ eve ringing in 2011. It was good but shitty for a different reason. Ohh, and we slept in the car cuz the roads were cordoned off. 😒
    Then I went in Feb March 2013 with the xBF and a friend Varun and that was fun. He had to meet a friend who was leaving for India and worked in LV and we just tagged along and stayed in tropicana.
    The last time I went was in Nov 2013 with Moo who had come down for thanksgiving break. We have driven each time. It’s 4 hours away only.
    We are all good people too who put reasonable amounts only for gambling. Like a twenty. (Me 5. Ahem). And usually I quit when we recover that. The last time we won was with The xBF who taught me black jack on slot machine we made 120!!
    What else to do? We don’t club, we don’t drink like mad( I had my Saturday no drinking thing on) so it’s only the glitz and glamor that I like. Btw I had the passive smoking there. Half an hour in and my eyes start watering and burning like crap!

  2. srividhya February 9, 2015 at 3:13 am #

    Hey nice.. We are going to Vegas too next week for the long weekend. But its going to be a short trip. just 2 days. We staying in Venetian this time. Last time it was Treasure Island. We didn’t travel that much before the kiddo. Pretty much it was local trips. All our major trips are with the kiddo only. We enjoy these trips with kiddo very much and it is family and bonding time. 🙂 🙂

    • popgoesthebiscuit February 13, 2015 at 7:18 pm #

      You will love Venetian , Vidhya. Traveling with kids has its own charm, I guess. And its getting more fun as the child gets older.

  3. Bhavani February 9, 2015 at 3:32 am #

    Yaay Vegas…enjoy girl!! We have been there 4 times also….As a couple, with my inlaws, my parents and the last time was me with my girl friends. We had a great time all the times. I know the last time was Venetian. All other times dont even remember…

    Never been with the kids. Maybe soon with a drive to Grand Canyon..

    Enjoy your stay and I am sure Bandar will be fine…


    • popgoesthebiscuit February 13, 2015 at 7:17 pm #

      A girlfriends trip sounds awesome….And the Venetian is beautiful , of course! After this trip, I am convinced I won’t be returning with Bandar any time soon. Definitely think Grand Canyon with her is on our list too.

  4. Kavs February 10, 2015 at 1:55 am #

    Hi P! You are a Vegas pro 🙂 we went to Vegas in 2011 on our trip to Grand Canyon. I was with my husband, my sisters and their husbands. So company wise I couldn’t ask for more. But I guess I am not the type of person who’d enjoy Vegas. I mean for someone who sleeps early, doesn’t drink at all, is a pure vegetarian and has zero interest in gambling what charm does Vegas hold? To be honest, I liked the grand opulent casinos for one time visit. And the second hand smoke? Aargh! I actually wore a mask much to my sisters’ embarrassment.

    • popgoesthebiscuit February 13, 2015 at 7:13 pm #

      hehe…mask bit made me smile. That sounds like the perfect company to travel with though.

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