Friday again!

7 Feb

End of the blogging marathon and I fell off the wagon here a little bit! Anyway, its Friday and it’s been a  hectic week of sorts. And I have a busier weekend ahead of me.

I am leaving on a full week business trip on Monday and have to get the house cleaned, laundry done, groceries have to bought, menus have to be planned and  food cooked for both Bandar and the husbadoo.. Plus I have to get a haircut, do my nails and wash, dry and pack my clothes! Phew! It seems like a lot but I typically enjoy doing all this and should be able to get through my list,  as long as I have  the husbadoo in a co-operative mood to watch Bandar while I do all this. I am honestly tired of the arguments which I expect while I am doing this. I can predict it exactly as we go through it each time – “Call a house cleaner, don’t do it yourself, don’t cook for me, just for the child, don’t worry about going to a cheaper and further away grocery store….blah blah blah”. Each of these I will counter and we will argue and waste time and energy and I will feel guilty about fighting before a trip. Eventually he dopes say that every bit of planning, pre work and organization I do before the tip helps him immensely as all he has energy to do each day is prep minimal food for Bandar  based on the simple chart I create , eat whatever is there fridge for himself and  go to bed with Bandar. Getting her off to school, getting her back home, caring and nurturing for her is a full time job. You have to squeeze your full time job into all this and  though both the husbadoo and I do it successfully every time the other one is travelling , there is no denying its really hard and exhausting. I wonder how single parents do this every single day.

On another note, I made some pretense of getting on the floor dot do some exercise twice this week for 15 minutes. It’s a start and I my abs didn’t hurt at all as I guess I didn’t work them at all. But alteast I spread a mat out and got on the floor! Bandar joined me too and she is such a riot to watch as she tries to imitate me . This is also an improvement from sitting on me when I am in plank pose like she used to a few months ago , so I really have no excuse now. We decided to also keep the elliptical. The lead warning is apparently something the manufacturer in California has to add by law but should be harmless and I have since then read quite a bit about it. So the elliptical has been  installed and it works, though a tad noisy and also shaky., I guess yet again I learn that you pay peanuts and get monkeys , my lesson from buying a cheap machine. That said I think it will get the job done. I got on for barely  25 minutes today and did 3 miles. For someone who typically used to do an hour of the elliptical everyday for years this is really pathetic but I guess I will have to slowly build upto it by adding 5 minutes each day.

The one healthy change we made last month was making a green smoothie atleast 4 times a week. I usually heap in Kale or Spinach(I like to alternate), carrots, frozen fruit, Chia/Flax/Hemp , prunes/dates and this is crazy filling. As I have this around 6 pm in the evening, I usually feel too bloated for dinner. But when I skip dinenr, I feel ravenous at 11 pm after Bandar is in bed. I then go and rummage through my kitchen shelves and stuff my mouth with Bhakarwadi which I still have from my India visit. Thank God it is almost over now.

Talking about other Indian snacks, I have always loved puffed rice and always get a huge bag from the Indian store.. Nowadays , I sautee this with chilles, curry leaves, turmeric , salt and eat it by the bowlful with my tea. Carb heavy I know but its soooo good.

We are also majorly hooked on Kind Bars and the sugar content is not bad at all(4g). So this usually is perfect for the sweet afternoon bite that I crave as I work.The bars are slightly pricey but we buy them in bulk online, so its not terrible.

On other good things I ate this week, the husbadoo and I realized that we had not gone out for lunch sans Bandar for a while now. So we  went to our favorite Ramen shop here for lunch on Thursday. His work friends came too and it was pretty fun. We have gone with Bandar to this place once but it is seriously too cramped with a toddler , so I enjoyed the bar stool seating we usually avoid and the adult conversation. The ramen is oh-my-god-delicious.I crave this. It’s a pure veggie broth and such a hearty portion of noodles . It hits the spot on a cold freezing day and its so worth the carbs!

We have to be the worst parents in the world. Twice this week we sent Bandar to school after forgetting her antibiotics for her ear infection. We each  blame ourselves but that of course, doesn’t help matters. She just misses a dose as it’s too late in the day to give her two doses when she is back. As such , all three of us have hacking coughs and sore throats and compete cough with each other as we lie down for the night!Good times!

Regarding night time, I made my dentist very happy by agreeing to get a night guard after a year of him pushing me to. He is still unhappy that I don’t have a great smile and keeps telling me I should get invislign to appear more confident.How do I explain to this guy that I am totally happy not bearing my pearly whites when I smile? He’s a nice guy otherwise and always entertains me with his celebrity client stories ,maybe he’s just a typical NYC dentist who has to upsell the cosmetic side of his practice. I am just the wrong customer! Anyway, the night guard is a tad uncomfortable but should save some of the remaining enamel I have not already ground away in my dreams.

Bandar continues making the days worthwhile and fun. I am having  the hardest time preparing myself for my upcoming work trip mentally . This is because in December last year,  for the first time since my a maternity leave , I spent one month of 24×7 days with the Bandar. This makes this first trip of the year for me so hard somehow. I know she and the husbadoo do great when I am away, but I hope she misses me atleast a teeny weeny bit!

5 Responses to “Friday again!”

  1. More than words February 7, 2015 at 2:22 am #

    I know what u mean !! The Reader feels like an abandoned place with everyone taking a break from blogging … Don’t worry, you’ll do fine and I’am sure the Bandar will miss you heaps !!! It’s quite a lot of work you have for the weekend… Hope you have a good trip and an even better reunion 🙂

  2. Dil On The Rocks February 7, 2015 at 5:04 am #

    A million yayys for getting back on the exercise routine. Don’t care even if it is just 15 mins, you started, at least. Did you get the elliptical on amazon? I trust the reviews so much there. Check it out, if its exists on amazon. Have a great trip. I can only imagine what you must feel to leave Bandar, but like you said, they do great anyway. So go ahead and enjoy some great me-time. 🙂

  3. princessbutter February 7, 2015 at 5:17 am #

    I was looking at my reader 5 times a day. Somehow no one was writing! I am happy you did.
    Btw for once when he argues, just say okay! Do your packing and take off. He will not say it next time. 😛 or if he says and you feel good about it, you perhaps will end up all relaxed. But since you like it, sure, go ahead and do all the tasks!
    Geesh, I don’t trust the doctors here at all somehow. Specially dentists. This dr on my insurance refused to do my teeth cleaning when I went for the first time. He pushed a 45$ per quadrant deep cleaning appointment on me where I will be put under. I said I will be back later. I just paid $40 to another dentist who’s flyer I found for cleaning and guess what he tells me? That I have awesome teeth in great shape and very clean. Except for the crooked crown and awry wisdom teeth, it’s good. He only told me that I should use whitener. I haven’t gone back for the cleaning to either since.

  4. princessbutter February 7, 2015 at 5:19 am #

    To clarify my teeth are not yellow! Lol! I hate yellow teeth and I can’t stand celebrities with dirty teeth. They spend truckloads of money on procedures why can’t they just go to a dentist. Psst, ekta kapoor.

  5. srividhya February 7, 2015 at 9:29 am #

    Hope u get all you things done n have a great trip. Sure Bandar will miss you. Invisialign my dentist persuaded me but jeez when I looked at the price I was I m fine. One thing for sure I dunno if Invisialign will align my teeth but sure sure it will help me with my diet. I don’t have that much patience to remove it n eat snacks..

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