Day 22 : Sound Sleep

22 Jan

Maybe the husbadoo and I went to bed at the same time for the first few months after our wedding. But that was it. His Ph.D student life before our wedding had conditioned him to sleeping really late, getting up late, getting to office late or irregular hours were fine in academia and his refused to change. So we had dinner together, watched TV and then he started some office work, while I went to bed, with a book or the bedroom TV till I fell asleep.

The same thing continued after we had Bandar. Mostly I or both of us get her to sleep. We then eat really late, watch TV for maybe 30 minutes with dinner or after, I wrap up the kitchen and either go to bed or read before bed. He takes his own sweet time and comes to bed at 3 am or so. Bandar sleeps between us usually on our KIng sized bed. A few months ago I started moving her to one side and leaving some space for the husbadoo near me. So I was a nice warm sandwich between my babies, which i loved. I was fast asleep when he came to bed of course, but it was still nice to wake up in the morning like that.

For the last week(I am even scared to blog about this in fear of jinxing it, the husbadoo has started coming to bed early. Before 12, which is huge for him! And much to my delight, I am between them both almost everyday, yeah! I sleep so much better when he hugs me. Somehow I don’t feel the need to browse on my phone or tablet or read or anything. I just go right to sleep when he is there. Bandar has a lead of 1-2 hours atleast on us, so it is imperative that I get a decent night of sleep before she is up in the morning. Ideally, I should be up before her and dealing with breakfast etc but I just manage to get up with her and so far it is working out for us as I don’t have to get myself ready for work.

I know this might be temporary, till his work load maybe gets crazy again or something, but I am going to enjoy this while it lasts. Here’s to a good night’s sleep !


One Response to “Day 22 : Sound Sleep”

  1. Dil On The Rocks January 23, 2015 at 2:04 am #

    Here is to sleep. 🙂

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