Day 10- Just another Saturday here

11 Jan

Today was just a quiet restful day.

Bandar and I were up around 9 am and skyped with my parents for a while. They are at the point where they are still recollecting funny things she said and moments from our visit there and they just can’t get enough of Bandar.I am also missing them tons at this point. I know it is going to take me a while to resume normal life after a trip home, but its taking extra long this time.  Anyway, its funny to watch my mom and dad argue over who is hogging the ipad skype session and competing for Bandar’s attention, while her highness Ms. Monkiness does her own thing once the initial hellos are done.

The husbadoo kept trying to go back to catch a few winks and finally around 10:30 am ,Bandar agreed to let him ‘rest’ in bed while we played with play dough and other things in the same room. She finally woke him up at 12:30. I prepped lunch fairly quickly. I had made whole wheat pizza dough last night and put it in the fridge. I added cooked beetroot puree when I made the dough, so it had a lovely reddish hue and hopefully we get some nutrition , despite the carbs.I have now perfected this base recipe and I can’t ever go back to buying pizza dough again.

After lunch, we discovered that our guest room floor apparently had a ton of accumulated water on the floor. I feel ashamed to say this but despite a year of moving here, we still have one cardboard box on the floor of this room. It contains all our board games , which we have no place to store and no one to play with either really. Anyway, we think the water came from the heater, so we switched it off and the husbadoo and I started cleaning up the water and the general mess of things in this room. Bandar got in the way a bit and I finally had to resign from helping the husbadoo to trying to make her nap. She cried for him and finally at 4 pm we got her to nap. By then, I was past my tiredness and could not nap myself. My tiredness reaches a pinnacle and if I don’t sleep by then, I don’t need to sleep at all. We spent some time cuddling by Bandar, trying to sleep and we finally got up to finish cleaning the house.

Bandar got up too in a bit and we spent some time setting up her lovely new train set. Isn’t it a beauty? The husbadoo and I have more fun playing with it than her really. That’s the fun in having kids. You can now buy all the fancy toys you ever longed to own as a child.


Now I have to get Bandar to bed and do a little bit of office work that is due for Monday, before I call it a night.


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