Morning Thoughts

16 Jul

Random thoughts in my head on a Wednesday morning-

What are we doing for dinner? I should plan the meal and do some prework but I am bored as hell to start. I should browse some food blogs next.

I should work out today and should do it NOW! I started some Jillian Michael’s videos after months and months this week but my stamina is so low that I can barely do a quarter of the workout before I  flop down exhausted .

Why am I hooked on this stupid show – Army Wives ?Even though my favorite cast members are out, I continue torturing myself watching it into the wee hours of the morning and I feel so sleepy now. This last season that I am watching on Netflix is really boring but I want to somehow get in done with and move on with my life.

Should I cancel dentist appointments that the husbadoo and I have for tomorrow? I accidently scheduled them on my birthday , like there were not 364 other days to get it done. Now it rules out any birthday lunch plans. But if I move it, when will we get our teeth checked? We are super busy with work next week and I really can’t keep postponing this. Birthday dinner should suffice – less calories and less spending on 1 meal versus 2. But on the other hand one nice meal together without Bandar and that too lunch ( my favorite meal) would be fun.What if dinner is ruined as our teeth might be over sensitive after the check up and cleaning.  Ughhh..decisions!

This room is freaking hot. Two fans aren’t helping. I should go to the bedroom and switch on the AC. But our electricity bill is going to go through the roof if I have it on all day .

Greek yogurt is so awesome for breakfast . Seriously makes me feel so full. Maybe I shouldn’t work out now as I just ate.

1 hour before my next conference call. I should shower – now. But what about that workout? I am going to be sweaty anyway afterwards. Maybe shower then!

Needless to say, the day is going to go by without a workout…


2 Responses to “Morning Thoughts”

  1. Little Fingers July 18, 2014 at 7:54 am #

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday !!

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