#100HappyDays – Some Weekend Happy

16 Jul

This weekend was like all others – full of park visits, over indulging in food and general rest.
Here are some happy moments –
– Friday evening we decided to meet one of our few friends in this area for dinner. There is a street full of Indian restaurants here ( 28th and Lex) and that is where we went. We went to Kaliash Parbat and ordered and ate far too much. Of course , in typical NYC fashion everything was over priced and too meager in quantity. But it all tasted oh so good.I was transported to eating at the Mumbai branch of Kailash Parbat with my parents as a teenager. We have enjoyed many a meal in that restaurant together and I have so many happy memories of that place. Now I am here creating new memories at the NYC location with my new family!
– Our friend was going to head back to NJ after dinner but as Bandar kept insisting he come home to play, he did! Bandar has become so close to this guy who she calls kaka(uncle). The husbadoo himself met kaka only in November through a common friend and invited himself to stay with him while he found an apartment in NYC. Kaka is from the same college as us in Bombay but we never met then. The husbadoo and I always thought it was going to be hard to make true friends in this stage of our lives – somehow we are no longer the same people we were in our teens and early 20s when friendships were formed easily and ones friends were really ones world. Anyway, there are some really nice and genuine people in this world and kaka is one of them.He hosted the husbadoo for several weeks in Nov -Dec, and also helped us move in. He visits frequently and has a soft corner for Bandar that is mutual apparently. He spent the night in our guest room this Friday just to play with Bandar!
– So Bandar played till 10 pm and finally went to bed! Then the 3 of us sat down to play Settlers of Catan. I know I have written here before about how much the husbadoo and I miss our Austin friends who played board games. We very rarely get to play here and we made the most off that evening.
– Saturday morning , the husbadoo left for his cricket game and I made some rava idlis. Thank God for the several random packets of MTR mixes my parents got for me. Every visit of theirs I tell them I can buy these things locally here for a few dollars and they still is it on carrying a suitcase full of food to make my life easier. Anyway, as childcare duties and kitchen work don’t go together these packets came in mighty handy.
– Saturday was spent with some skyping with my folks and taking Bandar to the park for a playdate with her classmate from school. Bandar loved playing in the sprinklers and sand box in this playground we frequent at Central Park. Just seeing her laugh and dance around in the water is a treat.
– Then husbadoo returned late in the evening in a great mood as he had taken 4 wickets and was the Man of the Match! He immediately took over childcare duties from me which really made me less resentful about the whole day of cricket. He also made us yummy sandwiches for dinner.  I realize now that he was bone tired himself but took over to give me at least a few hours of rest. I am blessed to have this man.
– Sunday morning we again started with some Skype time with my in laws. We took Bandar to the park in the evening and met a new ( to us) Indian family there with 2 girls and started a conversation and exchanged numbers. Prospective friends ? Maybe . We picked up some groceries and returned home. Bandar is in her stroller on the way to the park and it gives the husbadoo and I to have some conversations on careers and others things. We think Bandar can’t hear us but she surprises us sometimes with some funny semi- relevant input from the stroller !
– I made Thai Pineapple fried rice for dinner and it was pretty awesome .So it was an overall good way to wrap up the weekend.

Note : I have been blogging fairly irregularly over the last month or so and really need to get my groove back . No commitments here but I am hoping to blog more frequently this week, being my birthday week and all. Let’s see how it goes!

7 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Some Weekend Happy”

  1. Titaxy July 16, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    wish you a very happy birthday week!

  2. princessbutter July 16, 2014 at 8:48 pm #

    Aah, budday week is happy week!
    The xBF and I had gone to Sarvana bhawan, is it the same street? We walked to Rockefeller after that overestimating our energy from food. Bad decision. Lol
    Omg! Finally i know someone who plays Settlers of Catan!! I used to play with lab friends in SD. Americans are very fond of board games. The game stores are so intriguing in themselves!

    • princessbutter July 16, 2014 at 8:50 pm #

      Ooh, and we also had paan in a small store while walking on that street.

      • popgoesthebiscuit July 16, 2014 at 9:34 pm #

        Doesn’t surprise me! People here call that place Curry Hill. You have the Indian smell from a few streets away. I don’t like paan at all though..just can’t eat it

    • popgoesthebiscuit July 16, 2014 at 9:35 pm #

      Yes same place as SB. Girl …one more reason to meet now…board games!!

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