#100HappyDays – Back with the Happy

30 Jun

I am back after a longish break! These last few weeks have had some work related travel, extended family visits and just bouts of sheer laziness . I did glance at a few of my favorite reads on my reader but I did not comment either. A million posts formed in my head but I was just lazy to type them out. Anyway, at the end the blog world drew me in and I am glad it did as I have missed this space and my interactions with other bloggers whose lives I get a glimpse into through their warm blogs.
Oh and I also want to say, thanks to all of you who read the ‘ Our Story ‘ and  also commented . I was pleasantly surprised by the password requests  . I try to keep on the password requests and if I have missed anyone I will respond very soon. I mainly started writing the ‘Our Story’ series for myself as a fun activity and thought a few people would read but did not expect anything more. Thanks all! For a relatively new blogger , it is really heart warming to see the support and it makes me want to write more.
Anyway I am glad I finished writing ‘Our Story’ and can now focus on regular stuff here.

Let’s do a random happiness bullet post here to bring everyone up to speed-

– The husbadoo and I continue to fight ,make up, make out  at frequent intervals. Our fights peak when we are stressed with out jobs and careers mainly and we end up taking it out on each other. As I had a terrible two weeks at work,I instigated multiple minor to major fights with the husbadoo. Why is this a happy point then? Well, I guess because I cannot recollect any single reason why we fought – all the reasons were insignificant and have been forgotten. We also always end up making up with Tiramisu from Whole Foods.

– I traveled to Texas for work Monday – Friday 2 weeks ago and the week was filled with too much work stress, over eating, over socializing and over shopping. I finally managed to relax on Thursday after a big presentation and managed to sneak in some happy moments with my friends. I got a pedicure after ages which uplifted my mood considerably.


– I like most of my team mates and as I am remote , I often miss the chatter and camaraderie. I played ping pong with my team guys one afternoon and had a good ol’ gossip session too.

– I got to hang out at this fun place called Top Golf which is golf course meets bowling alley and had an unexpectedly fun time.


– One of my cousins, his wife and kids visited NYC and stayed with us this last week. Our second bedroom and bathroom got some use which makes me feel a little less guilty about our rent. We got to do some touristy things with them too which was semi-fun.


– The husbadoo ,Bandar and I got some nice walks off late and are reveling in each others company. Note : This is usually when a fresh fight breaks out so need to watch out for that. 



– Our walks always end in a playground for Bandar and she is enjoying her summer playing in the various fountains all around .


– I am thrilled Bandar is older than the kids strapped to their moms in the picture above and that we can truly go out and do some fun stuff with her. So different from last year, this time. She can talk and express herself enough to tell us if she is hungry, sleepy ,hurt or tired which is huge!!

– We have made some other crazy good strides with Bandar developmentally that I am almost scared to blog about, knock on wood. You see, after we returned from Puerto Rico, with my mom in tow from the airport, Bandar restarted daycare after a 2 week break by behaving very strangely. We took her to school in her stroller and she actually sat in it the whole day , till pick up! For the first week or so , nothing and nobody could coax her out. As soon as we went to pick her up, she would squeal and run around her classroom doing every activity she had missed that day. She would refuse to leave school as she was having a good time. The issue seemed that she retracted to her stroller when away from us.  After a few days,she agreed to participate in multiple fun activities like painting and bubbles play, just getting out of the stroller for those and getting back in once done. I spoke to a  toddler behavioral specialist  , posted on multiple parenting forums and overall just got the same response everywhere – that she was just readjusting to school and that we had a stubborn little girl on our hands. She also appeared to enjoy the extra attention bestowed upon her by the other kids when she sat on her throne and lorded over them to some extent
Anyway, it was a period of intense worry as first time parents though to have your previously happy child confined in a stroller all day.
The last week since my return , we have been walking her or carrying her to school and she is doing without the stroller almost the whole day, except naps. Nap time for 2.5 hours is still in the stroller but overall, after 5 weeks this is a huge improvement and I am happy.She is slowly getting back to being her well adjusted self.

– Our eating out adventures near our place in NYC remains over priced and lack luster and after a few more disappointing meals we have been making a lot of simple stuff at home.


8 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Back with the Happy”

  1. greenboochi June 30, 2014 at 11:46 am #

    Not remembering the reasons you fought – awesome I say! I love such fights too 🙂

    Bandar seems to be enjoying in the fountain 🙂

    Simple stuff made at home tastes like heaven isnt it? Especially after some unsatisfying adventures in restaurants.

  2. Little Fingers July 2, 2014 at 10:54 am #

    You have a pretty feet and beautiful skin and live that nail color. I am glad you enjoyed the time with friends and colleagues .omg that sounds so scary abt the stroller incident, good to hear it is getting better .bandar is having so much fun with the fountain 🙂

    • popgoesthebiscuit July 4, 2014 at 6:33 am #

      Thanks Lifi! Only another mom will understand the stroller incident stress and worry..and that too for 5 long weeks…

  3. Pepper July 3, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    Could totally relate to your relationship with the husbadoo. Off late, I seem to fight with Mint just so much. We make up as easily. We go back to loving, kissing, and cuddling with renewed passion. It’s all good for a while. And then we fight over something ridiculous again. And then we go back to adoring each other …. Like you, I can’t even remember what we fought over. Many times, it is too ridiculous to be revealed to anybody. But I do seem to be getting tired of this cycle now. I wish we only cuddled and loved and never argued. But I wonder if that is possible at all ..

    Can I just say Bandar has the most edible looking bum? 😀

    On an aside, I recommend you don’t put up pictures in full resolution. I did that for the longest time until I realised how much they can be misused. Ether lower the resolution before you put them up (but that is a big pain) or you choose an option on wordpress that disables the enlarged /clickable view of the pic.

    • popgoesthebiscuit July 4, 2014 at 6:31 am #

      Thanks for the tip on the pics, pepper. Never realized but will be careful going forth.
      Guess we fight the most when we have external factors stressing us out- we end up taking it out on each other. We take each other for granted and just say carp and fight ugly and later regret it. None of the trigger factors are major, the underlying issue, at least we think is external stress. We need to manage this better as a couple though- yoga,meditation should help us but of course we don’t pursue such mature activities and instead fight !

  4. Zarine Mohideen July 4, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    Totally feel you on the lazy part. I’ve written so many posts in my head but none of them have made it to the blog! Btw, I haven’t got the password for the previous post yet.

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