#100HappyDays – Some happy things

22 May

It has been three full days since we returned from our vacay and they have been jam packed but in a good way. The nicest news here is that my mom is visiting for a short 3 weeks and is currently here! Yeah!And , and , and my dad is going to be here too next week for a precious 8 days on a business trip! I am so excited ! Over the last 2 years they have both visited us quite a bit but never together. So this is a special trip indeed – spending time with their grand baby together ! My mom was hesitant to tag along this time but I am so glad she did. Her trip here was planned in such short notice just the week before we left on our vacation that I hardly had time to digest the news that she was actually going to be here when I arrived in NYC. So it was quite surreal to hop off our domestic flight in JFK and hang around for 2 hours to pick up Mimi ( that is what Bandar calls her as she and my dad refuse to be called the traditional Paati and Thatha). So here she is fairly jet lagged and down with allergies from city pollen ( Can you believe that NYC pollen counts are comparable to much greener cities ?)  but she’s here all the same , spending time with her beloved grand daughter.

I gorged on far too many indulgent meals in Puerto Rico and though i enjoyed each one , I did pause towards the end of my trip to do some quick approximations to figure out I was definitely eating over 2000 calories a day on most days. The effect of this holiday hogging and no exercise a good 3 weeks prior to vacation was apparent when I felt my thighs rub together when I wore a skirt ! Sure sign that I had packed on the pounds. The question was how much. I avoided the scale for a good 24 hours upon my return and then was unable to stop myself from hopping on. I was pleasantly surprised to see ‘only’ a 3 pound gain. Though 3 pounds of weight gain might make some of you shudder, I think 3 pounds over 4 weeks of no exercise is something I can counter and correct asap. Of course, hogging on the Kaju Katlis my mother in law sent is not helping the cause! I also briefly suspected the scale was inaccurate and showing me a number lower than what I was. But my mom was pissed off when she weighed herself and did the pounds to kg conversion . She had apparently gained 4 kgs on her flight over which is ridiculous. So her scale at home in Bombay must be totally wrong. I weighed Bandar to be sure and my silly monkey who has been eating barely 2 meals a day on vacation as expected has not gained an ounce. So maybe the scale we have here is correct after all.Who knows?

Bandar’s chattering is non stop these days! She is talking in 4 – 5 word sentences and you can actually have a meaningful conversion with her. She was a good little travel companion on most days of the vacation,despite just recovering from 6 long days of fighting a viral infection, bearing with our erratic schedules and meal times, long hours in a car seat she hadn’t sat in for 6 months, irritating adults who tried to grab her for a hug every chance they got ( Bandar is really not into hugs or being touched at all and I am glad!) and several other toddler inconveniences. Still she continued to be her sweet little self , having the occasional meltdown of course but totally manageable. The husbadoo and I have spent several nights in the last week just smiling at each other in darkness after she sleeps and remarking that having her was perhaps the best decision we ever took.

The joy of cooking and eating your own food. Though we had a kitchen in the rental properties we stayed in on vacation, I mainly just used them to cook for Bandar. Our meals were mostly outside and I was glad to come back home and cook 1-2 simple but wholesome and tasty meals again. Simple khichidi and yogurt hits the spot like no other when you are exhausted after a day of travel and lifting several bags up 5 floors!


7 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Some happy things”

  1. princessbutter May 22, 2014 at 8:57 pm #

    Lovely! I want my parents to come so bad! Cant wait…
    Put some pictures up of the place. Also, do you need an additional visa? I am in the process for an h1b.

    • popgoesthebiscuit May 22, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

      We are on our H1 Bs too. The issue is the husbadoo’s H1 is a research one that is issued by the university (his employer) and when he does go to India for stamping, the people in the consulate are overall suspicious of research visas and hold him back for about 2-3 months each time and end up giving him a stamp only for maybe 1 year. So his profs are hesitant to allow him to go home at all.He hasn’t been home in 4.5 years! Super sad.
      Will put up pics soon for sure!

      • princessbutter May 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm #

        Ohhhh! Omg. I have a request for evidence because they wanna know relation of my company and our HR agency. Both are owned by same people! Sigh. I can already predict I will have trouble for my stamping.
        I am guessing you dont need a Puerto-rican visa to visit there?

      • popgoesthebiscuit May 22, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

        Hopefully it will all go through. From experience on this visa crap for 6 years, it takes weeks and months but if everything is in order, it will all come through.
        No visa needed for Puerto Rico at all. Considered domestic US. We carried pur unstamped passports and H1 renewal papers but ended up just using drivers license for security check. No one checks anything even on entry into the US..you just hope off like a domestic flight. Have heard its the same for US virgin islands too.

      • princessbutter May 22, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

        Aaah nice! I have heard Jamaica is visa free too. And the beaches are pristine!

  2. Little Fingers May 29, 2014 at 4:14 am #

    wow didn’t know your parents are here, that means fun times at home . Enjoy!!

  3. Little Fingers May 29, 2014 at 4:16 am #

    Looks like I am not all alone, I have put on 3 pounds too and struggling to reduce that. Wish there was an easy way to enjoy food without adding weight.

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