10 years later…

26 Apr

I should ideally title this post a #100HappyDays post but it is really so much more than just that.
It was Thursday and I started off the day by dropping Bandar at school. I came back home and finished tons of office work. At 1 pm I decided to meet the husbadoo for a lunch date. I showered and left the house , walking towards his campus. The weather was heavenly and I was quite warm at my brisk pace. The university campus is a mile from our place and it was only my second time there. I have seen bigger campuses in the US but somehow the grandeur this particular  school imposes as it stands majestically in the buzz of the city simply takes your breathe away. I waited for him and saw my hot husband come up to the gate. Maybe it was just that being in a campus brought back our college memories – hanging out by our big engineering campus gates in Bombay , also bang in the middle of the city buzz. Just that the stalls selling honeyed nuts and hot dogs had replaced our dirty but delicious sev puri wallah of days yore. Anyway, seeing him walking towards me with a broad grin just had my pulse racing and brought up tons of memories:)
We were indecisive about where to go for lunch and ended up going to the Farmers Market by the campus and bought some mini pizzas and cookies. We decided to eat them on campus in the large quad. We sat down on a sunny step with hundreds of students around us and started tucking into our pizzas, stopping to exchange and sample the other person’s .
We spoke about plans for the weekend and for life in general. About where we would end up next. About how depressing it is sometimes that parents are aging and cannot come as often as we would like to visit us and Bandar. About Bandar and her school and some recent tantrums she’s thrown. About research papers on the way.  About looming job changes.  At one point , he sighed and rested his head on my shoulders and I patted his mop of hair. My boy, my nerdy,silly, idealistic boy. So grown and mature in some ways, a fabulous father. And in other ways,  still just the dreamy , charming boy I fell in love with some 10 years ago.
We reminisced about sitting in our largish quad during college munching vada pavs and that such head resting antics would not have been allowed in our rather conservative, government college. Heck, ours was the college with a rope between boys and girls during socials. But we did have our fun in other ways back then. ;p
We discussed if life had really gotten any better in the last 10 years since we sat in a quad and decided unanimously that it had. Back then life was complex – we had exams to pass, further studies to figure out, one of wanted to go the US while the other wanted to stay in India, parents on both sides to convince.
Life now was still uncertain – we honestly don’t know where we will end up once his research grant ends here and we have a little Bandar to support and nurture. I have a career to grow and it is being much neglected right now with working remote. We are by no means as settled as our folks would like to see and we are a few years older than we imagined we would be at this career point. But the most important and only sure thing we know now is that we are going to be together through it all. And that is all that finally matters.


5 Responses to “10 years later…”

  1. Arch April 26, 2014 at 11:03 am #

    Lovely post! Hope your love keeps growing more and more in the coming years! 🙂

  2. Little Fingers April 26, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

    We are go through all these uncertainties of life, having a partner to love and family I think that’s probably will remain same and rest l dreams we can achieve 🙂 I met R 9 years ago I still get goosebumps when he praises me or do something naughty. I don’t feel we have been together that long and we went through several up and downs of life. Yet looking back it looks like a beautiful journey .

  3. magic April 28, 2014 at 12:08 am #

    Oh what a sweet post….love grows for sure…..

    And yeh uncertainties they are a part of life 🙂

  4. Revs May 26, 2014 at 5:10 am #

    🙂 So dreamy!

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