#100Happydays – Happiness in randomness

23 Apr

So Bandar is currently off from school for Spring Break. I was surprised that kids this young actually have a spring break. Guess it is intended to give the teachers a break.
So she has been home since Friday.
As we both have regular office work though, it has been quite hard managing her.

Some random stuff from the last 4.5 days-

– Friday was relatively a breeze as my work is really light on Fridays. The husbadoo was at work almost the entire day on Friday while Bandar and I had a cosy day at home.
– We took Bandar to the park on 3 consecutive days – Fri, Sat and Sun and she had a blast. I especially liked the fact that she is so brave now. Loves the large slide that even freaks me out a little, loves climbing some other weird structures and has overcome her fear of walking on sand. We were very surprised when her teacher told us that she was hesitant to walk on sand a few weeks ago but a few weekends at the park have really toughened her.
– Bandar walks to the park and we just carry the carrier in case she gets tired. Saves us some trouble of taking the bulky stroller out.
– She hates leaving the park and we have to pretend we are leaving her behind and walk to the gate. She merrily waves good bye to us and is happy to stay and play. On Sunday, I had to resort to trashing her sunglasses unless she came with me and it worked. Other suggestions to get my kid out of the park are appreciated and welcome.
– I made pretty delicious Pad Thai to get our Thai fix at home on Saturday! I make this at least once a month and use this recipe with minor changes like whole wheat linguine, well marinated pan fried tofu, sauce with tamarind,soya sauce, jaggery and chilli powder.
– We had a nice long walk by the river on Saturday and though it was a tad cold ,we all came back so rejuvenated. The Cherry blossoms are out and it all looks so beautiful at sunset.
– We had yummy sandwiches for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. The husbadoo is the sandwich whiz in our household but I learn t some neat tricks from him which I implemented on our Sunday sandwiches. We used a mixture of hummus and ketchup on the bread, a salad of spinach , red chilly flakes and raspberry vinaigrette dressing was added to the sandwiches after they came out of the oven, a few pieces of avacado were baked in the oven over the bread and get nice and melty and other fresh pieces were used as a finishing touch. Overall result was super yummy.
– I took Bandar on an Easter egg hunt on Sunday while the husbadoo went off for his cricket game. She and I both had fun looking for eggs and meeting some other kids and parents.Though it is a lot of work managing her alone, i love that she and I are getting some mother- daughter time.
– Monday was really hard. The husbadoo came home at 2 pm and all my meetings were shifted to the afternoon to ensure I could watch her in the morning. I had her down for a nap just before he came home and sat down to work. I was exhausted though from the morning and couldn’t snooze with her as it was a working day. Think that made me feel crappy all evening and even quite sick and overwhelmed. I
literally collapsed after work at 6:30 pm and the husbadoo gave me a decent neck massage for 5 minutes that actually helped me feel better. On other occasions the massage would have been longer and it would have led to more interestingactivities but a certain little monkey had to be attended to and fed. Oh well, ample opportunity for other activities.
– Bandar got up literally in 1 hour after she lay down to nap on Monday afternoon. Usually she is a little cranky after her afternoon nap, especially when she is not fully rested but the first time the little monkey woke up with a broad smile asking for her dad and tottered up in her post sleep unsteady haze in search of him in the other room. Such a daddy’s girl!
– I made only day and brown rice for dinner on Monday and added a green bell pepper dry subji hastily to accompany it for Tuesday lunch. I know they were both average as I made them in a hurry but the husbadoo relished it. Thankful for atleast one non fussy eater in my life!
– After I got Bandar to sleep at 9 pm on Monday night , I had exactly one hour before I started a global conference call with my Asia team. I used the time wisely to go on a grocery run. Was so nice to get out of the house by myself and enjoy the crisp spring evening .
– Bandar is getting so good at imaginative play and amazes me with the stuff she says and does. I have to do a separate post on her but some of the stuff we have been doing include throwing a birthday party with a pretend cake baked for her stuffed toys, rowing pretend boats,crawling around as newborn babies!
– I was exhausted by the time the husbadoo came home today (Tuesday) to start his childcare duties as well but he surprised me with some bubble tea that instantly cheered me up.


2 Responses to “#100Happydays – Happiness in randomness”

  1. Little Fingers April 23, 2014 at 7:29 am #

    You made Pad Thai at home. how awesome is that. I should try out some of my favorite Thai recipe too. R and I love Thai food. I hate working from home when I have to manage home and kiddo. It is really exhausting. I totally get you there. I am surprised why daycare should have spring break when we adults don’t’ have spring break at work. All these girls are such daddy’s girls, I used to hate when Chucky loves her daddy more than me. I do all the hard work and all the love goes to daddy. I love bubble tea with tapioca, it is heavenly 🙂

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 23, 2014 at 7:52 am #

      We love Thai food too and i have actually found it surprisingly easy to cook. Love this website for Pad Thai http://chezpim.com/cook/pad_thai_for_beginners
      Green curry and red curry are also super easy with Thai Kitchen brand vegan pastes and coconut milk.
      Yes, total daddy’s girls. I am learning to hand her over when he is home and relax and enjoy the me time!

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