Eating Out

22 Apr

One of the major reasons I was excited about moving to NYC was the food. Specifically, the multitude of options in existence for vegetarians. So it wasn’t like i was starved of options when eating out in Austin,TX – on the one hand going out for BBQ was my work team’s idea of a perfect outing and I have spent far too many work lunches eating peach cobbler and ice cream at these places through the years. On the other hand though, the husbadoo and I have taken some of our carnivore friends to some of the best brunch spots in the city by all lists , which coincidentally is all vegetarian. Thank God for the Austin hippies !Essentially , we knew where to go. We had our spots and stuck to them. What’s hard in NYC is the fact that there are a plethora of options to choose from but when you eliminate those you don’t want to traverse 1 hour in 2 subways trains to get to , then eliminate the ones that meet our price range for a casual meal out you are left with a very small selection.
We have had a few bad experiences recently that make me think we are either unlucky when it comes to picking a place to eat or just plain stupid as we tried a few spots without scoring the reviews online.
Let’s take Friday evening. For a few years now, we have this thing of eating out or ordering in on Friday nights. I can be ‘good’ and watch the calories, cook healthy all week but I absolutely look forward to a binge night on Fridays that involves food not cooked by me.
We were in Central Park with Bandar for a good hour and decided to leave around 7:30 pm  and hunt down some Thai food. Our only good find so far is a good 20 minute walk and Bandar wasn’t in the best of moods. Plus we knew there would be a wait.
So we hopped into an Asian Fusion place that seemed to list the usual Thai fare with tofu options for vegetarians. We had an extremely rude waitress who shrugged and said she did not know whether the dishes we wanted to order would have oyster sauce, said the chefs did not speak English and she couldn’t couldn’t communicate with them and her final exact words were – “If you are so picky, you probably shouldn’t eat here!” Something about what she said hit a nerve. Maybe it was the fact that we were ravenous that day. We picked up an irritable Bandar and left. We decided to try another Thai place we had seen close by but were scared to enter when we saw a big notice saying the sanitary grade was pending! There was no way we were eating there. So we decided walk to our standard tried and tested Thai place but ended up seeing this lively Mexican restaurant on the way.
So in we went. Again bad choice as after eating some of the best Tex Mex in Austin , our expectations were extremely high.
The husbadoo asked me to share a Watermelon Basil margerita with him and as he very rarely orders alcohol , I agreed to share an overpriced but delicious drink.
My veggie quesadilla had beef it it so we sent it back and waited over 20 minutes for it to be replaced. Instead we all shared the husbadoo’s fajitas which were sub par. When the quesadillas did arrive, this time they had tons of broccoli and squash.I had clearly specified the spinach and mushroom mix, I was too exhausted to send it back the second time and told them to box it up to take home. You would think they wouldn’t charge for it after the beef fiasco but they did!
So we ended up paying over $ 45 for an average meal. A quarter of the broccoli filled quesadillas were eaten by Bandar the next day and I trashed the rest. What a waste! The only bright moment was Bandar loving the mariachi band at the restaurant and them playing the “chicken dance” for her. She wanted to get out of her high chair and dance and she did!
I spent the rest of the weekend deciding I was done with impromptu eating out in our neighborhood and would instead cook more at home. Alas, this resolve will wear thin next Friday!


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