#100HappyDays – Some recent happy moments

18 Apr

So the husbadoo is thrilled to have found a cricket club here. When we lived in Texas, he was part of a pretty serious cricket league and later a captain. So one day of the weekend was dedicated to the sport but that hardly bothered me. He would wake up really early, pack his own snack, kiss me good bye and drive off to play his game.I would wake up late and maybe go for a grocery run, shop with my girl friends, go out somewhere with visiting family members and Bandar and he would be back by for a late lunch usually in an exceedingly good mood even if they lost as at least he had a chance to play .He has really been missing the sport for the last few months since we have moved here. I was a little less thrilled about him starting his NYC cricket career as firstly our weekends here have been just the three of us in the cold, secondly Bandar is fun and all but a real handful sometimes for one person and lastly the game timings here are 11 am – 7 pm which sucks as it means we lose the morning, afternoon and evening.
Anyway this Saturday , Bandar and I had a lovely nap and woke up to eat her favorite- popcorn.I pop it in coconut oil and it is so damn good. We then set off to the library and spent a fun hour choosing books and reading several there. She didn’t want to leave. We then went to the park for a full 2 hours! I was exhausted running behind her. The last half hour, I started feeding her dinner. We then finally came home! Such fun! I had a surreal moment when I caught a glimpse of myself on a shiny shop window. Just me and and my little girl out in the big city. I am looking forward to Saturdays now. It also means the husbadoo comes back in a happy mood which is a win – win all around.

Sunday we took my visiting aunt and uncle to Whole Foods. Bandar loves this store. She walks around picking random fruit to add to basket and often drags the basket with wheels around. She is riot to watch. We laugh tons as she goes around pulling a fruit from here and another from there and pushing anyone who tries to stop her. I usually remove the fruit she picks before we check out but this time we came home with her picks – one random green apple, one juicy pear and a navel orange.I will probably make custard and fruit salad with them this weekend!

Eating lovely hot onion sambhar and rice. My mom doesn’t enjoy cooking much and though she does prepare a decent meal, my aunt is the one who got the cooking gene from my granny. I make Tamilian food about 2 times a month and though the husbadoo loves my sambhar it just doesn’t taste like a typical one. I got my full year’s quota of Tam food this week and loved every bit of it!

A clean house. My monthly house cleaning appointment is a gift in give myself and this time the lady over performed! She even washed Bandar’s bottles. I noticed this only when I started on the task later in the evening and was just really touched. It wasn’t part of her job description. There are some super sweet people in the world.


5 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Some recent happy moments”

  1. Zarine Mohideen April 19, 2014 at 3:13 am #

    I need to have Tamilian food every week! Like sambar and poriyal every other day.

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 21, 2014 at 1:07 am #

      Oh nice! Sambar is definitely preferred in our household over rasam or anything else. I daren’t up my frequency though because I know once I go down the rice more than once or twice a week path, our weights will shoot up plus sugar and all that. My husband especially needs to be extra careful.

  2. Little Fingers April 20, 2014 at 9:20 pm #

    I love whole foods too. Everything tastes so different from the nonorganic counterparts. Clean kitchen and home that’s awesome. Me and hubby is have quiet time this weekend. He is working and I am doing things I like and just relaxing. What I realize is giving each other their own space is essential for a happy home 🙂

  3. Comfy April 22, 2014 at 3:57 am #

    That sounds perfect! And now I crave good authentic Sambar. Need to find some 🙂

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