#100HappyDays – Another post with some happy Tid bits

8 Apr

A lot of my happy moments are around Thursdays. Why you ask? That’s because on alternate Thursdays,  the husbadoo typically goes in a little late to work and we try to have lunch together apart from other fun morning activities together. (Ahem!)
Last Thursday we choose to go to a tiny little shack for Desi Kati Rolls. I am actually not a huge fan of them at all and this one was just average with a paneer filling I could have made at home but the thick cut potato chips with the lovely , extra red,  fiery,  desi masala were worth the $5. They were  finger lickingly awesome and we washed it down with tapioca tea from our newly discovered tea place. We then parted for him to go to work and I returned home , also to work.

Fridays also feature heavily on my happy list as I pick up Bandar just after lunch. She usually comes home and naps for two hours. Off late , she has been getting up in a crabby mood. I remember being  5 or 6 years old and being in an extremely bad mood after a weekend afternoon nap. This Friday I was prepared. I made her some yummy popcorn in coconut oil( so damn good!) and opened up a new toy – a small musical, ferris wheel with little dolls that can sit in it.
She was thrilled and had great fun playing with it all evening. The cutest part as she has 5 little dolls and only 4 fit at a time, she makes one wait its turn. She talks to the little doll and says – ” Wait ,baby. See, baby. Your turn.” This is all because of learning to share and waiting her turn at school. Everyday I am amazed at all the crazy stuff she says and does. Seriously a fun age. Wish I could freeze time.

Saturday was pretty awesome. The husbadoo recently joined a cricket club and was looking forward to a game that day but it got canceled because of a wet pitch from rains the day before. Anyway,  we headed to Central Park and spent a pleasant one hour at a playground there. After Bandar ate her picnic lunch and dozed in her stroller, we picked up an ice cream cone to share and walked to burger place for lunch. Yummy burgers, fries and a cosy chat with one’s spouse – pretty perfect. On days like this when Bandar sleeps in her stroller when we are out, we can either go home and sleep beside her or make use of our time and get a lunch date like this. That means we sacrifice our nap though as Bandar is fresh as a daisy when we eventually head home. Still we had a relaxing evening with her at home and ended the day watching a few episodes of ‘House of Cards’ after she went to bed.

Sunday started with slightly dampened spirits as I was leaving on my business trip that afternoon. I spent the morning cooking some food for the husbadoo and Bandar and doing simple but random things like laying out 4 outfits for Bandar for the days I will be away. A friend at work was so surprised I did all this and asked if the husbadoo cannot manage even these things on his own. The answer is he is fully capable of cooking for himself and the Bandar and is probably more adept that me in picking a color coordinated outfit. But I do want to make his life easier when he is dealing with a cranky baby who is missing her mommy and not have him sort through piles of laundry or deal with menu planning and execution. What is marriage if you don’t help each other a little, right? He does simple tasks like refilling the soap dispenser, changing the liner on our diaper dispenser, taking the trash out (funny how all those are bathroom and trash related tasks!) just to make my life a little easier every day.
I also baked some yummy banana bread using whole wheat flour, bananas, apple sauce, choc chips, flax seeds, chia seeds and a tiny bit of  maple syrup. So good! Bandar loved it and we spent a glorious one hour before I left home watching her gobble the bread and amuse us with her silly antics.

I was sad to leave of course , but I know it is for a short while and am actually a little glad to get a break too. It really is nice to relax on a flight with a good book and play 2048 on repeat . It is nice to spend a few days with my team and friends. I enjoyed dressing up for work today and driving my old car in. I drove past our old place and was a little sad, but I know one day we will be better settled and be in our own place in a city like this. I love coming to Austin, it is where I started my career, lived alone, blossomed from a silly grad student to a young professional, made my first best friends, introduced my boyfriend to my parents, brought home my new groom, delivered my first baby. Even Bombay for me is sadly only home till my parents choose to live there. But Austin on the other hand, will always be that first home I built for myself.
Anyway it is late now and I need to sleep before I go in for early morning meetings. Unlike in NYC , I cannot roll out of bed and start a call in my pajamas.
I miss the Bandar but funnily enough miss the husbadoo more. He is best friend , my soulmate and really the one I want to talk to at the end of the day. When I am here, I vaguely feel guilty eating at some of our favorite haunts around this city.
Phew, this last part is a jumble of words and emotions and I am dog tired so am going to hit publish and turn it for the night!


2 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Another post with some happy Tid bits”

  1. Little Fingers April 9, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    Looks like we have a similar life style and sequences of events 🙂 Your Thursday is how my Fridays are when R is home. We try to catch up on a lunch date and we come home to have some couple time before picking Chucky. Having Central park so near to home is a blessing. You travel to Texas for your work and I usually come to New York for my work trip. I took forward for the me time but as soon as I reach there I start missing Chucky and R and start counting down days for my travel back day. You might cry meeting Bandar and husbadoo at the airport out of the excitement and joy, telling from someone who has experienced it. Good luck to you!!

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 9, 2014 at 11:03 am #

      Haha..amazed at the similarities. Count down to return in 48 hrs has started in my head already!

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