Weekends go by fast

26 Mar

We started Friday evening with the husbadoo making us some sandwiches with fresh mozzarella and tomato. We end up having sandwiches at least once a week for dinner and I don’t know if it is healthier than our regular dinners or not.  Considering the full fat cheese and carbs from bread versus carbs and minimal olive oil based subjis , I guess they are a tad unhealthier. Anyway, we then got Bandar to bed and caught up on our weekly shows.
I started reading ‘ The Goldfinch’ for my first book club meeting this week and went to bed. The husbadoo apparently was ‘working’ till 6 am. Ido know the Xbox was on for a good part of that time so really don’t know how much work got done.
Anyway, he came to bed as Bandar was stirring and she was finally up at 7 am and bouncing on him. So I dispatched him to the guestroom and switched on some YouTube video for Bandar. Yes, stellar parenting I know, but I really needed that extra hour and it gave me about 30 minutes.
We then skyped with both sets of grandparents while the husbadoo continued to nap till 10:30 AM.
Once he was up, I was majorly pissed as we were supposed to go out for lunch and I was running late with preparing Bandar’s lunch to take with us, and she was getting cranky. I was really upset that he stayed awake till 6 am , spoiling his health, getting little actual work done and now depriving him family of an outing. Anyway, I made Bandar something to eat which she did not appear to like and proceeded to make some soup for myself as I was starving. This , because the husbadoo hates soup was done partly to spite him.
Anyway, we made up our fight and decided to take Bandar out after her nap instead and tried to lie down with her to sleep. Of course, we drifted off to sleep just as she woke up . We headed to the park and there were tons of kids and parents enjoying a rare warm, sunny day.
Bandar got to play for almost an hour and we fed her some food also there and headed to dinner. Actually we both did not particularly want to eat anything outside but the thought of going home and cooking was boring for a Saturday. So we ended up going aimlessly to our Thai place. We felt like dessert but the patisserie we were eyeing was shut on our way back. So we settled for some chocolate bars from the grocery store instead. We got Bandar to bed and read and watched TV nibbling chocolate.
Sunday started again with lengthy Skype sessions. I am little bored of these but our folks get to see Bandar’s antics. Sadly , I am very engaged in the one with my parents but bored stiff with the in laws one that goes on for 2.5 hours!  We then got Bandar ready, fed , ourselves ready and headed to see a friend in NJ. Bandar slept for a good 2.5 hours in her stroller as we loaded up on desi groceries at the Indian store and met our friend for lunch at an Indo Chinese place. Bandar got up as we finished and was delighted to see her favorite ‘kaka’ ( uncle) . She was a riot the whole evening and had us laughing the whole time. We took her to stroll by the river front and then let her run around in a mall. Our city kid confined to her stroller this entire winter enjoyed herself immensely and we had coffee and a brownie. We left to make our long journey home at 7:30 pm which was a bad decision as Bandar was terribly cranky by then and made a big old fuss about sitting in her stroller through the 1 hour plus trip , changing trains etc etc.
We then had the joy of carrying Bandar and the heavy groceries up 5 floors. Ah! The many joys of city living.
Bandar got to bed almost immediately while I opened up my work laptop to get set for the long week ahead. I also made some progress on my book club book and am almost at the 50% mark with close to 400 pages left to go.
We usually don’t go out much on Sundays and this kind of long trip tires me out for the week. I got no weekend chores done and am not likely to catch up with having a busy work week too.
Still Bandar had a blast and we had tons of laughs with her.

7 Responses to “Weekends go by fast”

  1. Little Fingers March 26, 2014 at 3:51 am #

    Is it with all guys to stay awake whole night still their work is never done. I can’t have two things. When I work on something I have to finish but hubby on the other hand he is the king of procrastination. 2.5 hrs on skype hats off to you. I can talk to mom for that long but never with in-laws. I Love Indo-chinese food. There is a restaurant in Oak Tree where we used to visit frequently when we lived there. You have a great week ahead.

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 26, 2014 at 10:42 am #

      Oh man..he is a huge procrastinator! The 2.5 hours is every damn weekend and some times Sat and Sun too..ughhhh

  2. princessbutter March 26, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

    I had aloo filling wala bombay style toast sandwiches on saturday and monday. Love it! I was taking out 8 slices for making 4 sandwiches. And my landlady/roommate(Vietnamese) quipped that ‘oh you eat lot!’ I kept 2 back all sheepish. Lol. But 3 sandwiches were a lot and I had a lovely 3 hour nap afterwards. 🙂

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 26, 2014 at 10:49 pm #

      Yum! Bombay grilled sandwiches – miss them so much..with nice Amul butter and cheese! Laughing at your roommate’s comment. I had a near anorexic Desi one in grad school who literally survived on milk and apples and commented on everything I ate. Had to smuggle food into my room after a point to avoid hearing her view.Good times!

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