#100HappyDays – Happy moments from the weekend

18 Mar

Our weekend was one big food fest. I seriously must have gained all 5 lbs that I had lost since we have moved here.
It started with pizza on Friday evening. We saw this really good deal for 2 large pizzas + bread sticks and we could not resist ordering them.
So Friday evening was a pizza induced coma of happiness and watching “House of Cards” on Netflix.
Saturday morning brunch was pizza leftovers again and a cozy nap with my two favorite people. At 5 pm we took Bandar to Central Park and a playground was  finally open! Bandar has been deprived of swings since we left Austin and she got to swing to her little heart’s content. We played with her at the Park for about 2 hours and Bandar also walked a good bit on her little legs.
We finally went to a Thai restaurant and met one of our two NYC friends to celebrate his new job which will actually take him out of NYC. Bandar will miss her favorite kaka for sure. Bandar had not eaten in 4 hours and hogged her dinner. I am so happy to see her eat after weeks  of pushing away food. The secret is obviously no snacking and I think I need to be more strict about enforcing that to ensure she eats well at meal times.
We then got cheesecake to eat at home to further celebrate our friend’s success.
Bandar went to sleep almost immediately and we started to play a game – Settlers of Catan. The husbadoo and I love board games and have a really nice collection that we have invested time and money on. I am not talking Snakes & Ladders or Ludo here, though those are fun too, of course. Most of the games we have are quite strategic and are great fun with 3-4 players. The problem is we do not have any good friends in NYC to play them with. In Austin, our friends who liked board games were so understanding about us having to tend to Bandar if she awoke while we played and there was a certain comfort level with them. Here , our only friend who we cornered into playing with cheesecake is leaving NYC too. So I am sure our board games are not going to see the light of day in the next few years. My hope is Bandar learns to play these soon and the three of us can have some fun. As of now , she just wants to eat the counters , so we are working on her!
Anyway , we played till about 12:30 AM and our friend left.
I am supposed to be reading a book for my bookclub but I am bored out of mind by it, so decided to sleep instead of read.
On Sunday morning we rushed to get Bandar for her first play date ! Small milestone I guess.
Bandar’s friend is French and barely knows a few words of English. Bandar is learning a mixture of English, Tamil and Gujju of sorts to keep both her grandmothers happy.
So it is hilarious to see the two girls interact.
Every time her friend said ‘ Mamun’ and clung to her mom, Bandar who heard it as ” mumoo” ( the Tamil baby speak for food) repeated ” mumoo” and followed it up with the words ” pasi” and ” hungry” in Tamil and English .
Anyway, seeing this family have a strict rule of only French at home to make their kids bilingual, I am going to take more effort in making Bandar truly trilingual. The husbadoo and I resort to English with her and each other and if this carries on Bandar is probably not going to learn  any other language.
Bandar slept in her stroller on our way back and the husbadoo and I debated if we should let her sleep while we grabbed lunch outside or risk waking her up and taking her home as is.
We passed by an Indian restaurant serving a Sunday buffet and considering we hadn’t had one since June 2011, we gave in and went in.
I realized I no longer can do justice to a $ 15 buffet. The oily stuff like the pooris and samosas held no appeal. I had a few bites of those but just mainly had naan and the subjis which were quite decent. The desserts were pretty good too – Gulab Jammu and Carrot Halwa which the husbadoo and I love respectively. Bandar woke up only when we were done , so it was a fun, relaxing lunch.
We came home for a really long 3 hour siesta, I am surprised Bandar obliged with a long nap.
The rest of the evening was spent doing weekend chores in the weird quiet lull that follows a long Sunday nap.
You would think we were full after the Indian buffet, but no, we finished the remaining pizza and bread sticks for an early dinner.
Overall, not a shabby weekend – good food, board games, the park..not bad at all!


2 Responses to “#100HappyDays – Happy moments from the weekend”

  1. Titaxy March 19, 2014 at 11:59 pm #

    i have been eating pizza + ice cream for days together now. started on sunday, has been going on till today’s lunch. hopefully will get back into the right mode and cook some healthy dinner tonight.

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 20, 2014 at 12:00 am #

      Haha..my unhealthy streak has not ended..I ate Maggi for lunch 2 days in a row!!

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