Random recent happy moments

14 Mar

We are eating out a lot less in NYC than we used to Austin.This is funny because we are in a veggie food paradise versus bang center of the Barbeque state and we have a lot more options here.
Reasons for our decreased eating out are –
1) A conscious financial decision – We are spending about 3 times in rent as we used and we have to cut costs somewhere. So we cut out cable and reduced eating out to one expensive meal a week or 2 smaller meals a week. This does not include the few days in the week the husbadoo chooses to eat lunch with his work buddies.So we order in on Fridays/ Saturday evenings and every 2 weeks we do a lunch date on Thursdays.The weeks we do the lunch date, we keep the bill within $ 25 and head out once more over the weekend. This model seems to be working for us.
2)I work from home and have more time to prep for dinner. Setting the cooker,chopping veggies – some basic tasks that seemed too time consuming after 6 pm are now done in the morning and I just have to do the actual cooking in the evenings.
3) We have too many options but don’t know where to get what. We actually have zero – 2 friends here. No really good word of mouth recommendations. Online websites like Yelp! are awesome but unlike Austin we don’t have a group of friends who know what our tastes are and what we would like. In Austin we had our go to weekend veggie taco place, our ‘ no fish sauce’ Thai place, our special occasion romantic Italian Bistro place,our Friday evening Paneer Biryani place, our Chilly Paneer place and so on..
4) Too cold to get out and explore. Honestly , it sometimes feels easier to cook up a meal rather than take the damn stroller out , bundle ourselves and Bandar and venture out.

Anyway the eating in is making me really happy.For one, I feel healthier . Even that one meal a week to outside makes me feel crappy and bloated. And it is nice to meal plan,shop for groceries, challenge myself with new things to cook.

On to the next happy moment-
I really like alternate Thursdays. With Bandar at school and the husbadoo  lazing around the house with a delayed work day, it often results in fun morning activities ! Later we pick where to go for lunch and then he heads to work while I randomly stroll the streets for veggies,fruit or other things and come home to work.
Last Thursday, I broke my ‘no-shopping’ self set ban and wandered into Sephora. I am normally a ” chemist shop brand less make-up” kinda girl but have realized with age that I rather pay the extra $$ for some quality products, make up being one of them.
I picked up a few goodies and spent the afternoon trying on the lipstick and mascara at home.

We usually try to have Bandar in bed by 8 pm and asleep before 9. When it does happen, the husbadoo and I sit on the couch ,watching House of Cards and eating ice cream and/or fruit. We really should be catching up on sleep but instead watch maybe 1-2 episodes,  talk about Bandar, our days at work and other random things. Some days we don’t talk much but watch our own shows on our tablets/laptops, read or work,other days  we fight and make up ,other days we make out… I really love those 2 hours though.

2 Responses to “Random recent happy moments”

  1. Titaxy March 14, 2014 at 1:45 am #

    nyc must be expensive.. i can imagine. eating home made food is always healthier, but then i have days when i dont feel like cooking at all, so it’s nice to have the option of going out once in a while (in my case, very often :P)

    i really like the idea of doing lunch dates once every few weeks. but i dont think i can get K on board with it, given his busy schedule at work 😦 maybe when things wind down, i can talk him into trying that for a bit. 🙂

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 14, 2014 at 1:51 am #

      I think lunch dates are nice to connect in the middle of the day. Have started prefering lunch outside to dinner even on weekdays. Hate going to bed bloated after heavy dinners on Fri/ Sat

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