Parenting – One step at a time

9 Mar

I am writing this as I am just badly shaken by what happened today evening.
The weather was in the 50s and a lovely respite from cold and dreary days.
Bandar has been fighting a fever since 48 hours or so, but her doctor checked her ears during her 18 month Well Visit on Friday and declared them clear. So not antibiotics or anything, just letting nature take its course on this viral fever.
So the fever comes and goes as fevers do, and she had a relatively fever free spell for a few hours this afternoon.
We decided to take her out to the park as our poor Texas born ,daily park going baby has not so much as seen a swing since January.
Our process for getting out of our apartment building is well, a process.
We first descend 5 floors of stairs holding Bandar. At the foot of our stairs , there is a tiny little cupboard to store our stroller.
Stroller is pulled out and set up.Bandar needs to wear her winter accessories which we carry in a backpack. Bandar is cajoled into her stroller ,wearing her stuff and strapped in. The stroller’s winter cover, which is almost like a sleeping bag is zipped around Bandar such that only her face can be seen. Further, we have a snow and wind plastic cover we use that goes over the stroller but we didn’t use it today as the weather was really pleasant.
There are the 3 short steps leading out of the building door onto the pavement and we usually just wheel the stroller out over the steps.
It needs to be then fairly carefully but we seem to have become quite confident now as we do it everyday.The husbadoo wheeled her out today and tripped and fell face down on the concrete. The stroller tipped over and landed on its side and Bandar let out a cry.She had landed almost face down but mostly on her side on the pavement.
We turned it around and pulled her out to see that her lip was busted and bleeding.She was completely conscious and bawling. There did not seem to be any visible head injury. A crowd had collected now and someone rushed to get me paper napkins. We wet them and dabbed Bandar’s lip which was gushing blood. Her nose seemed slightly grazed too but otherwise OK.The husbadoo who had a pretty bad fall himself seemed OK too. Being over reactive parents we took her to an urgent care clinic and had her examined. She bawled more on seeing a doctor thanks to her bad stranger anxiety but seemed to be better as we got out of the clinic. The husbadoo  was the most shaken of the three of us and he carried her silently all the way and back and refused to put her back in the stroller.
We were given a long list of things to observe for the next 48 hours in case of head trauma and have been keeping a close watch on Bandar.
So far she seems OK and has just gone to bed.
The husbadoo is yet to eat a morsel since the fall and has for some weird reason been apologizing to Bandar and me. I honestly do not even know how to comfort him except saying over and over again that it is all well now and that Bandar appears fine.
The bigger issue is we both are now petrified of wheeling the stroller down the steps at home and the 4 steps at daycare. We will now have to load/unload Bandar after we ascend/ descend . I really don’t know how I will manage a door that cannot be propped open, an active Bandar who is likely to run towards traffic on the streets , a bulky stroller and 3 mean steps come Monday and everyday.

Right now, I just want to eat some chocolate ice cream on the couch, watch some mindless TV and hold the husbadoo close.

2 Responses to “Parenting – One step at a time”

  1. Titaxy March 14, 2014 at 1:47 am #

    i read this post the day you’d posted it but couldn’t comment then. i hope all is well now. and the trauma is not as focused on as it was few days ago. hope your husband is doing better and that Bandar is back to normal. hugs.

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 14, 2014 at 1:50 am #

      Thanks so much! Yes, she is much better and juat has a nice cut under her lip. We are all kind of getting over it and just being more careful as we descend the steps each day

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