Our NYC apartment hunt saga – Part 2

8 Mar

So let’s get to part 2 of our NYC apartment hunt.
The husbadoo arrived in Austin , triumphant and gleeful that he had found us an apartment. The Bandar and I greeted him joyously in our own respective ways and peace reigned in our little world for about 12 hours.
I was awakened in the wee hours of the night to find a pale stricken husbadoo googling away furiously on his smartphone.
“Whatzzup? Come to bed”, I hissed.
I caught a word he mumbled that made me jolt upright – “Bedbugs”!
Apparently the husbadoo for lack of bedtime activity had googled the address of the apartment building and the second search result was an entry and commentary on the “Bedbug registry website”.
Having both been impoverished grad students in the southern states where bedbugs thrive and having both had our own fairly horrendous bedbug related stories, we both were terrified at the thought of taking up an apartment with some bedbug history.
Needless to stay, both of us did not get much sleep for the rest of the night.
” Poor Bandar won’t have any friends. No one will want to do play dates at our bed bug infested apartment” , said the husbadoo at around 6 am as we drifted off to sleep to only be awakened again by a fiesty Bandar at 7 am.
It was pointless to even try to get details on the extent of the infestation on Thanksgiving Day. We spoke about the other not so attractive apartments the hsuabdoo had seen, argued, slept,argued, ate and argued some more.
We finally had the broker return our calls and provide extensive details on the bedbug eradication efforts taken. Nevertheless , we just were not comfortable with moving in to this apartment with recent bedbug history.But we just did not have another option at that moment.
On the last day of the husbadoo’s visit, I casually played around with the numerous apartment finding apps I had on my phone and chanced upon an apartment that seemed to meet our criteria.
Our lesson learned from this process was if it seems too good to be true, it usually is not true. So we decided to proceed with caution but it definitely seemed worth checking out!
The husbadoo landed in NYC and went directly to see this new apartment. For the record, it was the 25th apartment he was seeing

He rang me up from the apartment –
Him – “All good. Clean.No bedbug history.2 bedrooms, 2 huge bathrooms, huge kitchen by NYC stanadrds, washer dryer in the apartment. The best we have seen so far,I am taking it.”
Me – “Really? No catch?”
Him – “Well, there is something missing – an elevator ! Its a 5th floor walk up. But the apartment once you come in is beautiful.”
Me – Honey, we have a 1 year old! How do we do 5 floors of stairs?
Him – “You wanted a gym in the building , right ? I totally delivered!”

So that is how I ended up lugging 20 plus lbs of baby up and down 5 floors each day. To be fair, my butt is in the best shape it has ever been and the husbadoo did deliver on apartment size, location and my other specifications. So I can’t really complain, but of course, I still do!


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