#100Happydays – A few happy moments this week

2 Mar

A few happy thoughts from the week:

My MIL turned 61 and as I had given her nothing for her 60th birthday( was too engrossed in raising my infant last year) , I ordered a nice sari for her online. Of course, the company I ordered it through messed up and she received it 2 days after her birthday. Nevertheless, she was thrilled. My in-laws hate material things and the husbadoo keeps saying there is no need to gift them anything. But what I have noticed is my mother in law likes being pampered occasionally ,like any other woman and I am glad I bought the sari. I did get some brownie points which are always good to have with the in laws.

Bandar loves daycare but does cry at drop off on most days for a minute. I had 2 good days this week on Tuesday and Wednesday when she happily went over to her teachers and waved goodbye to me. Made me so happy and I started work feeling light and joyful on those 2 days. She of course, cried on Thursday and Friday and as always I tell myself it is only for a minute.

I got in 4 consecutive days of exercise at home, granted some days it was just 30 minutes. Need to get my exercise groove back. I am not consistent with it at all.4 days this week was the most it has been in over a while.

The husbadoo made me some sauteed mamra ( puffed rice) which I love . I hogged this on Friday. Super addictive.

Trader Joes Chai tea bags- what do I say? So damn good! I love most TJ products but this absolutely hits the spot every morning. I love that morning cup after I drop Bandar off and just sit down to work.


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