Letting go the reins – Our NYC apartment hunt saga

27 Feb

November – December 2013 marked a period of intense daily arguments as we prepared for our move to NYC.

So the husbadoo started his job at NYC in November and the plan was that Bandar  and I would join him after Christmas. His main task was to find us an apartment to move into.
Austin had really spoilt us rotten – lovely affordable apartments, complexes with gyms and swimming pools, stone’s throw away from work, coming home for lunch.
The last year in fact had been the best when we rented a huge 3 bedroom house and Bandar had tons of space to play and we had a backyard to grow our own veggies.

Everyone in NYC told us to lower our expectations and we solemnly agreed to.
Me – “Honey,  I am OK with no gym in the building. I can run outside .”
Him – ” Cool, we will run using our jogging stroller in the park ,together, as a family!”
This was before he left Austin.

Anyway , he set forth on this mission to find us a nest.

Calls during the first week after seeing about 5 houses-

Him – ” What do you think about moving our budget up?”
Me – ” By another $ 100 or so? Sure, if it is perfect ”
Him – ” No, I mean by about another $ 500. You might get a studio for our price range, definitely not a 2 bedroom.”
Me – ” You have got to be kidding me! You are not looking hard enough. I will send you some listings I saw online.”

The next day –
Him –  “Those listings are a ton of lies. Its a one bedroom flex – one 10×12  room with a movable wall. Place is a dump. You sent me on a wild goose chase for nothing”
Me –  “Oh really?But description seemed so good. What about the duplex you were going to see?”
Him – “That’s in an unsafe area. I am not even going to go see it. Broker himself advises again it. Terrible.  Stop sending me listings. You have no sense of safety,distance, direction, anything. I have been from one end of the city to the other with 2 different brokers today.”
Me – “I am just trying to help. About the safety factor, don’t worry too much. I read the area is gentrified now.”
Him – “I am not going to put my family in a possibly unsafe location. STOP LOOKING AT LISTINGS. I will handle this. Trust me.”

1 day later-
Me – “Babe, I was talking to S on gtalk .He lives in NYC too, you know.”
Him – “Oh! He must be thrilled you are moving here , I bet. Always liked you in college and hated me for dating you.”
Me – “What rubbish! Anyway, he said he pays more for a 1 bedroom than what we are budgeting for a 2 bedroom . Maybe we need to increase our budget?”
Him – “I have been saying the same thing for a week but you obviously will listen to the entire world and not your husband.”
Me – “No, no, just gave me a point of reference.”
Him – “Whatever, I am done for day. Will search with a new budget tomorrow”

Then the search progressed with us being $ 500 over our original set budget.
A few days in , maybe 20 houses seen and dismissed-
Him – “So this 2 bathroom thing, is it a deal breaker is it for you?”
Me – “Kind of, yes. Why?”
Him – “I saw a few with 1 bathroom but 2 bedrooms today.2 bathroom is not within this budget.”
Me – “Seriously, we just increased it by $ 500.”
Him – “Well, that got you the other bedroom. Now you have to increase it again for the bathroom.”
Me – “I am sure there are 2 bathroom apartments for this budget. I sent you some listings today morning. One was so perfect. 2 bathroom for sure, there were pictures also.”
Him – “Did I not tell you to stop looking at listings?”
Me – “I did not look. Had signed up for some alerts on this app and that sent me the listings. Just go check this one out.”

A few hours later,
Him – “Single bathroom only. Broker confirmed that it is the same image from a different angle. I can see it if you are okay with 1 bathroom.”
Me – ” I am NOT OK with that. You knew how much I wanted 2 bathrooms. Impossible to share with long term family visitors. That’s the only thing I want. ”
Him – “Then increase your price range. This is not reasonable.”
Me – “I am done talking to you right now, I need to tend to Bandar. Bye.”
Him – “I am also done looking at houses for a bit. Taking a break for a few days and anyway, I am coming to Austin in 2 days for Thanksgiving.”

Morning before he boards a flight to Austin.
Me – “Babe, There is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom I’m the area you wanted. A broker called me.’
Him – “Why are you still contacting brokers? I told you to take a break.”
Me – “I had emailed him 1 week ago and he contacted me now. Go and see this today. You have 6 hours.”

Husbadoo rushes and sees the place and likes it. It is over the new budget by $200.But seems fine otherwise.

Him – “Place seems fine. Best I have seen so far. I am putting a deposit down before we lose it to someone else.”
Me – “Quick question, does it have a gym. It said doorman building , so was wondering if it had any other facilities.”
Him – “Gym?!? You have to be kidding me. No dishwasher and washer -dryer in the basement. Be happy you don’t have to go to a Laundromat outside. But seriously a good apartment otherwise. I am going ahead.”
Me – “Okay. Go ahead. I am so proud of you for finding a place for us. Come home quickly.”

So the husbadoo withdraws money and puts down a deposit and boards his flight to Austin thinking he was done.

But it wasn’t the end!!Part 2 follows soon.

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