#100Happydays – Day 2

22 Feb

I have hated afternoon naps since I can remember.
I recall playing quietly by myself as a three year old while my parents had a weekend post lunch siesta.
I had even the hardest time napping mid-day during my maternity leave, when everyone tells you to catch up on your sleep, when the baby is napping.
I preferred catching up 90210 and Gossip Girl on Netflix.
The husbadoo can sleep any time , any place. So I am usually bored stiff when he and Bandar snuggle up on weekends.
Anyway, Bandar attends daycare only for half a day on Friday.
My work currently is pretty light on Friday afternoons and I love spending this half day with her.
Today , I picked up Bandar at 12:45pm and sauntered home through the frosty NY streets. There was a strong wind but temperatures were fairly bearable.
We got home and after reading her 2 books, she snuggled close for a nap. Surprisingly I found myself drifting off too and had quite a pleasant 1 hour snooze.The coziness of the plush comforter over us , the faint toddler smell of playdough and paints, the rhythm on the sound machine, the sound of rain hitting the window pane were all contributing factors
This was happy moment number 1 today.

Moment 2 was having the husbadoo take charge of Friday night dinner.
Stretchy Buffalo Mozzarella cheese , crusty Ciabatta bread,Spinach, peach salsa, spicy jalapeño hummus – a delectable sandwich indeed.
Thank you Trader Joes for your supply of lovely ingredients. Walking 25 minutes one way midweek to pick up these goodies and lugging them back is absolutely worth it , all to sink your teeth into this lovely creation. If we ever realize our dream of retiring in Hawaii and opening a simple sandwich shop, this sandwich definitely makes it on the menu!

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