#100HappyDays – Day 1

21 Feb

So I guess I am usually not your bouncing-of-the-walls happy, joyous person.
Off late, the husbadoo has taken to reading Bandar her abridged Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs aloud and looking at my pointedly when Grumpy is introduced.No kidding, he does this for real! Also saying sadly in a recent fight that his only aim over the last 10 years has been to please me but he has failed!( Honey- Just shave everyday, I do not recollect exactly but I am sure our fight did touch on this)
Anyway, heart rending fight statements aside , I can definitely do with some more documenting the everyday cheer in my life. So that is what these posts are going to be about. I am also not playing by the rules here and aiming for consecutive days. Just 100 happy days in a reasonable period of time – say, 6 months?

Moment 1:
Might be a little TMI , but the day got off to a good start. The husbadoo was dozing at 10 am in the morning after I dropped Bandar off at school and had 2 conference calls under my belt. Instead of pushing him out of the house with a mini fight, I instead enquired if all was well,only to be pulled into the warmest snuggle. Snuggles led to some rather interesting morning activity and this is always a fun way to start the day.

Moment 2:
After fun morning activities, we decided to ignore the dry adais I had in the fridge and set off to try a new to us Thai place. The weather was in the 40s and I enjoyed walking with with the husbadoo to lunch.
I did my specific request of no fish sauce, Oyster sauce or eggs in my order and was slightly disappointed on hearing there were exactly 2 real “vegetarian” options. I distrustingly went with one expecting a poor lunch and was pleasantly surprised at what I got. Pretty yummy without any trace of fish sauce.

Moment 3:
I might have blown my fuse at the husbadoo towards the end of the day as he lazed around watching one of his numerous shows online instead of filling out pressing immigration paperwork. Instead, just in the nick of time, Bandar who was asleep, let out a cry for me (or her bottle more likely) and as I soothed her back to sleep and the husbadoo brought in a warm bottle, I counted my two blessings. A helpful husbadoo and a delightful bandar (and smart to boot – saved her dad from a shouting afterall).
Before I meet any more trying moments today that threaten the day’s overall happiness quotient, I am off to bed.


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