In sickness and in health

16 Feb

My friend is her first relationship ever. She is in her early 30s and has pretty much scoffed at romance or anything with romantic connotations all her life. It is heartening to see her talk and behave like a  lightheaded teenager though as she is going through this. She went on her first date a few months ago and is completely besotted. They will probably end up married by the end of the year.

Being her (best?) friend I get to hear all the stories first hand and live a little vicariously through her.

The first date details, the first time they used the word ‘love’, the first time he visited her(it’s a long distance thing for now) and then all the gifts!

As she was really celebrating her first Valentine ’s Day this year, she went into panic mode figuring what to get him. Last night she gave me all the finer details of gifts she finally decided upon and gave him and the stuff he got her.

She ended with asking me what the husbadoo and I gave each other.

I thought for a second and said “Well, he gave up his weekend cricket to nurse me as I was sick and he took over all the cooking and household duties this weekend. I in return, did not give him my infection yet! (Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. I gave him my cold within 24 hours of saying this!)

So we never have been big on gifts to each other, especially for V day. I think our first V day together as a couple in 2005, he gave me a CD of his favorite songs. Considering I do not listen to music at all (serisouly, don’t care much for music at all) this was a surprising gift. I did listen to half the CD over a period of 2 years, before losing it in a move. I gave him a little stuffed toy whale which we still have somewhere around the house.

Our first V day after marriage again was no gifts but a good dinner outside and the second one was again no gifts but lovely Italian dinner at home.

This V day it was no gifts and staying in! We had planned on making it an extended weekend of celebration and going out but our plans were dashed. It started quite well actually, on Thursday with dressing up nice, watching a musical and quick Italian dinner before the show. Friday , we wanted to go shopping alone but instead found ourselves having  Thai food with some friends. Saturday I fell sick with subzero weather  and Sunday, Monday , Tuesday I was pretty awful. So much for the Husbadoo’s plans of a lovely picnic lunch in the park over the weekend 😦 Temperatures were below freezing which is so unusual for where we are at this time of the year.

Hsubadoo turned into personal house elf and took over all the household duties. Multiple cups of hot water to drink, salt water to gargle, inhalation set ups, vicks on my chest and back, lots of haldi ka dudh. It didn’t stop there –he made me awesome uttapams and served them fresh off the grill. He gave up the only one he saved for himself when I demanded one more after recovering my lost appetite late in the day.

On Monday, before he left for work, the dish washer was loaded and running, the kitchen was sparkling, some lunch was laid out, he rushed to the store to get me some cough drops and saw that I was taken care of for the day.

At nights he had been dispatched to the guest room to sleep much to his many protests but stopped by several times to check on me, take my temperature and just sooth me back to sleep.

On V day evening, I felt distinctly better while he felt worse. His throat was sore and he had developed a cough. Guess the separation did not really make any difference and he caught the damn infection any how!

Anyway, he picked up some Indian take out from a place we both love and we sat on different couches watching reruns of “How I met your mother”. We then drank our hot milk , gave each other a few flying kisses and went to our respective rooms to sleep!

So that was our V day. No flowers, chocs, cupcakes, fancy dinner outside. However, it was special in a different kind of way. I actually think that it is at moments of sickness and suffering that we actually appreciate our partner the most. The stuff that he did for me this weekend to me was way more meaningful and memorable to me than some chocolate and a fancy dinner outside or even a trinket (which I would invariably break or lose). We might still go out and have that fancy dinner when we both recover completely but for now I am completely satisfied with my V day.

How did you celebrate???Go on , let me know…


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