24 Jan

So let me just start by saying I am awkward and clumsy and have always been.

I remember being as small as 3 years old and proudly displaying multiple black and blue bruises to my parents from bumping myself against furniture all around the house- the bed, dressing table, dining table etc.

Dropping stuff seemed to follow suit. I was the kid who dropped the huge 1.5 L Coke immediately after picking it up from the fridge on a hot summer’s day much to the wrath of the cousins and other relatives eagerly awaiting their share. I was the kid who dropped expensive Chinese vases when out antiquing with my parents and my dad was promptly footed with long bills on more than one occasion and I was the kid who almost every day upset my milk at the dining table.

Anyway, all these accomplishments and several others earned me the name of “Butterfingers”   at home when my parents were in an endearing mood. There were more unkind names bestowed upon me by relatives but we will just let that pass.

Anyway I went through my awkward adolescence, with the multiple bruises scratches on my person and the reputation of being a bull in a china shop, quite literally sometimes, wherever I went.

The Husbadoo was obviously exposed to this when we dated in college. I have upset my glass of water a few times when out at one the many small pav bhaji -tava pulav serving places we frequented. The first time it happens when you are with this guy you are trying to impress, it’s embarrassing. After it happens twice or thrice, it then just becomes the norm and neither of us thought much about it.

Overall through the 7 years we have known each other,  I think he handled my clumsiness pretty well without overreacting and making me feel even more conscious of these accidents then I already was. For this I am extremely grateful. When we got married and lived under the same roof, his exposure to these grew even more. Breaking crockery is something I do on a weekly basis; we just keep the dustpan and brush handy to sweep up the spoils. Husbadoo proves quite handy with these. He also responds in appropriate symapathetic tones when I show him a freshly stubbed toe.

Now this clumsiness that he had seen previously was only in relation to inexpensive stuff.When I moved to electronics,  I think it scared him a bit.I dropped my Android phone in the parking lot a few months ago and smashed the screen. A quick cost analysis vs. contract renewal (new phone) time revealed to me that changing the gorilla glass made no financial sense. Besides the phone worked great despite this.I don’t particularly care about a cracked screen.

However, I think last weekend  my clumsiness reached a whole new level.With a swift wave of my hand, I knocked the husbadoo’s brilliant 5 inch tablet cum smart phone out of his hand at the mall.The gorilla glass shattered and I think the husbadoo’s heart did too .The phone still worked though,  as I insisted on demonstrating to him multiple times. The drive home was in silence.

Anyway, after numerous apologies, and phone calls made by yours truly, I tracked down a screen repair shop for this particularly hard to find manufacturer a few states away. They then told me about an unknown (no online presence in this day and age, seriously?!?) local store which did this at the other end of our city. They had the part and the Husbadoo took it over the next day for a new screen .I heaved a huge sigh of relief once he got it done and was back to his usual cheery self. As he is such a non-sulker (I own all the sulks in this family), I had totally not expected to see him so distraught over a silly screen. Especially considering mine was in pretty much in the same state for a few months now and I was managing just fine. Oh well, boys and their toys, I guess. All’s well in our little world again and I did accumulate a few brownie points for effort in tracking down the repair options!

4 Responses to “SMASH!”

  1. Jyoti January 24, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    Your Hubby is so understanding.. I envy u for that.. My DH will smash me if I did that to any of his things! Sigh!!

  2. popgoesthebiscuit January 24, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    He is! Even this much sulking was very against his basic nature…

  3. Pepper January 31, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    I drop my own cell phone or my iPod *atleast* once a day. It’s a ritual, without which, I believe the earth will stop moving. I am thankful for the carpeted floors here. I can relate to your post so well.

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