Bombay Dreams

20 Jan

I had a dream last night which I remember quite vividly. The Husbadoo and I are roaming the streets of South Bombay hand in hand looking for a place to eat. I can’t for the life of me make up my mind whether I want a hot Masala Dosa at Kamat or whether I want to go to the small hole in the wall – Sukh Sagar at Nariman point for spicy Triple Schezwan. Some where between all this we are weighing the options of going all the way to our college canteen in Matunga and having some Vada Pav vs. driving a little further to Ghatkopar and going to his favorite Achija for Pav Bhaji.

Anyway we are sitting in a cab and somehow are now in Churchgate and we decide to go to the Pizzeria instead. I can see the checkered tablecloth, the corner table, the sea view and can even smell the desi pizza with lots of Paneer. That was when I woke up

The Pizzeria is a place is close to my heart.

My dad took our family there when we first moved to Bombay in 1996. Since then it has remained a favorite among our small family of four.

The Husbadoo and I have our own little memory there too. This was our real last Bombay date before the Husbadoo left for the US. It was a special occasion and a special place for lunch it had to be.

We next went there a few days after our wedding with my parents and little sister. Just sitting there, sipping Coke and eating Pizza with the 4 people I loved most in the world was out of this world.  After dinner we headed to this small ice cream palor down the road, where Dad has been eating ice creams since they were a few paise in the 60s and bought the Husbadoo his first Pista ice cream sandwich. We joked about how he was now truly initiated into the family.

This evening somehow has stayed with me over the last 2.5 years since our wedding. I am incredibly close to my family and that evening together was a glimpse of how my life could really be if we ever moved back to India.

We often talk about going back but never really with sense of seriousness and a timeline in mind. We joke that apart from family, it is really the food that makes us want to return. We both aren’t huge on maintaining old friendships (besides most of our friends are in the US,) do not really care for distant family or attending family functions , do not think  that our prodigy by any means would grow up in a more sheltered environment , closer to the Indian culture  or have anything else to really drive us to return. So it our parents, siblings and food that really draws us home. I am not naïve enough to know that this won’t change in the future and that multiple elements will enter the equation as we grow older (and maybe more mature !) but currently our reasons for ever wanting to return are pretty simple.

We also know that it’s probably high time that we consider a timeline here as our parents are already getting older. We both want to be there with them when they are in the prime of their health, do the fun eating out, family trips, watch them play with their young grandkids and not just show up there to do our “duty” when and if God forbid, they are really old and ailing.We long to spend these in between “fun years” with them.

Of course, then the reasons for staying back here during these years comes into play and there are several pulling us to stay as well. But that is another story or another post!

Anyway, till we give this a good solid thought, I will have to make do with my midnight excursions to the Pizzeria!


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