Rotis over pride

12 Jan

So I took the plunge – I now have a cook (once a week) and hopefully also a cleaning lady (once/twice a month). I am going to lead quite the pampered life!

So though  I am ok with joking about this, I spent entire Saturday night tossing and turning thinking if I was just a lazy pig and the $$$ I would be burning in this each month.

Work is suddenly super hectic for the pair of us and I realize that we have not been able to really cook or clean all that much. I can choose cooking over my work out some days but then working out is my refuge , it’s for my sanity and it is probably not something I should cut considering the unhealthy stuff we tend to eat.

I think back to the last time I made or even ate a homemade roti and it is definitely early November. When the husbadoo and I got married in 2009, we ate rotis almost each night. Fresh ones to boot.I even made parathas and other fancy stuff. I still love cooking but have taken to some easier options , for which most of the prep work is done over the weekend. I make subjis but we have brown rice.I chop veggies for pasta ahead of time, I make a whole lot of soups.

We also eat dinner out on average twice a week and lunch about 3-4 times between us.

So a colleague with a 1 year old baby and another on the way ,was lucky enough to find a nice desi lady who is available twice a week to help with some cooking. She dangled this option in front of me when I told her I was a little worried about our diets off late.

This aunty is supposed to be a ninja in the kitchen –a chopping, roti making, cleaning machine and the thought of a spic and span kitchen and hot rotis was too tempting to pass on!


So she made an appearance when my kitchen was at its most ignored dirtiest best. She rolled out 30 rotis at top speed, made a lovely Gujju dal which the Husbadoo loved , made another subji and spent the rest of the time grumbling that my kitchen was a mess. Anyway, she cleaned it up significantly and left it all so bright and shiny that I am scared to even boil some milk now for fear of making a mess.

The  food lasted us a few meals and it was a comfort knowing I wouldn’t have to rush home-rush to gym-shower-cook-eat-work.I probably won’t be making this twice a week for now but will strongly consider it in the next few months if my workload continues to be this bad.

Funnily, I realized I was ashamed to tell some of my closest friends about hiring a cook. The ones who use this Aunty’s help have kids and probably really need her. We on the other hand maybe do not. Also I have always fancied myself as a bit of a do-it-all-gal : keeping home, cooking many a mean meal , working out regularly and exceling at work. Accepting that you just can’t do it all is hard and voicing it to your closest friends is harder still. So my cooking aunty and the lovely rotis we feasted on this week is pretty hush-hush for now.

Next for a reliable cleaning lady and we are all set for a life of comfort!


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