Tales from a tropical holiday!

5 Jan

The much awaited Hawaii trip has finally taken place. We are back, bags unpacked, laundry loads put in, grocery shopping done to restock an empty larder and fridge, trip pics (1500 in all, yes the Hubadoo went a little nutty over the new camera) have been looked through with much discussion on which ones to share on Picasa with parents, friends, office colleagues, which ones are Facebook worthy and have argued about which ones are for private viewing only. It is finally time to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard about the trip itself.

In one word it was absolutely breathtaking .9 days, 3 islands, 4 flights – Just not enough to take in Hawaii in all her beauty.

We started by landing in Oahu., starving after an 8 hour long flight with no food(yes, why can’t domestic airlines in the US learn from Indian domestic flights-we survived on granola bars and water for 8 hours. The other option being the terribly overpriced sad box lunch available for purchase).We headed to the familiar CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) in Oahu airport and after getting some sustenance and recuperating our spirits, we  checked into our hotel, right in the heart of Waikiki, with its throngs of tourists, street shopping and side shows. We got asked if we were on our honeymoon to which we unanimously lied with a big yes and got a free upgrade to a better room than the one booked.

(BTW, Small gifts and free upgrades with the honeymoon question seemed to be the theme of this holiday)

Oahu , my very  first glimpse of Hawaii will probably remain my favorite island. Over the next 3 days we drove miles , hiked muddy trails, looked up quaint veggie food places and overall had a blast. The Husbadoo surfed and caught every single wave – I am so proud of him and this was only his second surfing class ever.

Our visit to Pearl Harbor here was altogether quite somber but totally brilliant. Taking a quiet moment in the USS Arizona Memorial and seeing the oil leak from 70 years ago in the water somehow makes things seems too real, more than what my 10th standard history textbook ever did.

We even had a close Obama encounter, when he apparently was having dinner at a restaurant in our hotel. We didn’t really catch a glimpse though with the massive crowds and barricades.

We spent a few joyful hours in the Oahu farmers market, sampling tasty tidbits – corn on the cob, basil tomato pizza, onion rings, fresh nariyal pani…all brilliant. This to me was the loveliest part of the Oahu stay.

We spent 2 days in Kauai and I firmly decided that Kauai though an untouched beauty was a tad dull for my liking. We trekked an absolutely muddy trail with a massive river crossing overlooking the Napali coast, did a lovely kayaking-hiking through the rain forest –swimming in a secret waterfall trip and took in some brilliant views of the Waimea Canyon. Food wise , Kauai had less options for the veggie foodie obsessed pair that we are and this was probably because we found ourselves there on Christmas Day.

Then we were off to pretty, pretty Maui!

Here we did the famous drive to Hana from Maui’s west coast to the east through rainforests , treacherous terrains – 600 odd hairpin bends and 50 odd one lane bridges. The Husbadoo drove masterfully through and we stopped for a quick delve into our picnic basket, a picture at a waterfall or two, a beautiful beach or two and the mystical town of Hana.This trip is supposedly called the “Divorce Highway” with couples starting bright and early in the morning happy  with each other and the world at large and arguing and pissed off with each other on the way back. We did pretty ok I must say.

We did a submarine tour in Maui which was a little overrated and probably not something I would do again. To make up for the disappointment we took a whale watching with our boat surrounded by nearly 10 whales and for $20 a head this was perhaps the most paisa vasool activity of the trip.

We ate some scrumptious veggie burgers in Lahaina, each one surpassing the other in taste, found some decent Italian places and finally tried a Mexican place on our last day there.

Through all this we made plenty of time for cosying it up in the room, reading on the beach, playing in the waves and overall really de-stressing .

We made it back in time for a small new year’s eve celebration at a friend’s place and overall called it a year! What a year – tons of family visiting (house guests), lots of holiday travel, lots of hard work for the both of us, plenty of good times with friends! 2011 has been extremely kind .Let’s hope 2012 surpasses it 🙂


2 Responses to “Tales from a tropical holiday!”

  1. My era January 6, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    Wow! that sounds like a fantastic holiday and 1500 photographs sounds super cool 😀
    Happy 2012 and wishing you have a fabulous year ahead!

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