Tis the season to be jolly!

6 Dec

Does 1 hour of cardio count if you come back and eat 3 slices of delectable gingerbread baked by yours truly??

No seriously, how can I maintain my girlish figure with this season of joy, cookies, cake, chocolate bark upon us?

Why I am loving this month ?

–  I am between holidays. Finished a lovely one in the hills and heading to my beach one soon!

– The workplace is so lively these first 2 weeks. The 3rd week is when we will have people starting to leave for vacation.People are discussing their Christmas shopping status, their holiday plans, egg nog recipes in walkways.

– The work aisles are filled with lovely tidbits.I am snacking all day- some cookies here, some candycane  there.Really need to stop.NOW.

– I am on a baking high myself with all the lovely recipes floating around work and on TV.Really need to stop shopping for ingredients and baking.

– I am going DVR crazy recording every single Christmassy movie on Lifetime, ABC Family or TBS. Will do a blog post about my all time favs soon

– ATX weather is awesome right now.I am still able to wear my dresses or wooly skirts with lovely suede boots- with or without stockings.

– All the lights in our neighborhood and the hip outdoor shopping mall and downtown. I am transformed into a puddle of mush when I see Christmas lights around a window and get a tiny peek at the Christmas Tree, piled with more lights.

– I am thankful for close friends around us but sometimes alone time is so scarce. Not this month though! Most of my friends are off on their annual India trip or will be off very soon. Soon it will be just the husbadoo and me, cosying it up each evening , cooking and eating yummy stuff and catching up on our DVR’d shows.

– The husbadoo is in a lovely mood as he had a breakthrough in his research. Seeing him relaxed and happy is such an amazing feeling.

– Christmas sales – The mall beckons. I tell you it’s the lights!

We are so blissfully wrapped up in the holiday season,transitioning between vacations that we forgot to pay rent this month!Something I have done once before and the Husbadoo never ever has.Anyway, we paid up the fine and are now jolted back to reality.



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