Quirkiness galore!

17 Nov

Prior to starting this blog, all my blog reading was really just limited to food blogs ,a few local Austin blogs, fashion blogs and exercise-fitness –what-I ate-today kind of blogs.

I somehow stumbled upon some other regular blogs a few weeks ago and have been hooked.

Anyway so this has been doing the rounds here and here.

I found myself mentally making a list of my better half’s quirks thru the day:)

Welcome to my world of Husbadoolicious craziness!

1)      He is a dreamer. Will often drift off into a Math or Physics problem at the weirdest of times – a get together with loads of people when you have to make conversation! At the beginning of our relationship, I used to keep asking him what he was thinking when he went into these long moments of silence. Now I have just realized it is what he does.

2)      He can have a long drawn out telephone conversation with his mom, dad, extended family, friend anyone and then not be able to recollect a single word when I ask him what it was about 2 minutes later. He really needs to think hard to remember.

3)      He hates shaving. Complains that is hurts. Also he working in academia does not help my case for pushing daily shaving. This is weird for me because the only man I have seen every day of my life for the first 21 years my dad  shaves every single day. I do not have brothers to know if this is just a young guy thing. I have to cajole him into shaving and it results in too much back and forth that it is sometimes too much of a bother to even bring it up. Also he is errr pretty manly – a morning shave is often a stubble at the end of the day. So alternate day shaving doesn’t quite cut it. He has currently agreed to shaving for work 5 days a week.

4)      He hates driving. And so do I. Road trips are just not our cup of tea. He also hates renting cars on holiday. Says it does not feel like a holiday at all if he has to drive and stress out about parking. He dreams of moving to a city with excellent public transport – hard in the US.

5)       He loves me to read him a story. I have been reading him a lot of the Enid Blyton’s I grew up reading. Nothing is too childish for him.

6)      He is obsessed with cricket. Watching it and playing it. He plays for a local league once a week, practices with the team once a week and swings his bat or does his bowling actions all around the house the rest of the week.

7)      He has this crazy thing with Pav Bhaji. He often judges a city by the quality of Pav Bhaji he had at one restaurant. If the city did not make a good Pav Bhaji he cannot imagine living there. Believe me, we have cut out a lot of Indian cities we can possibly live in because of this. He makes a pretty mean one himself.

8)      He is not a big fan of ice cream. I think I have him almost converted there but not quite yet.

9)      He claims he hates reality TV but is definitely in tune with the gossip and what happening atleast is as much as I am.

10)   He hates white light in the house. Says it looks too much like work and not cozy enough. So we bid our evenings cozying it up in yellow light, which I am not exactly complaining about 🙂

11)   He loves board games. The strategic ones bring out his normally dormant competitive spirit.

12)   He downplays what he currently does for a living – work in cancer research. I, of course play it up and the Ph.D  degree. Love inserting the Dr. before his name which he scornfully rejects each time.(Well ,most of the time atleast)

So that was a fun exercise! Once I started I couldn’t stop at 7.

Go ahead and give it a shot.


2 Responses to “Quirkiness galore!”

  1. Pepper November 18, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    That made a great read. Point 3 – Mint is the same. He just doesn’t shave often enough and I don’t know what to do.

    • popgoesthebiscuit November 19, 2011 at 2:08 am #

      Dude…don’t know what it is with guys and not shaving..Don’t they just get that they are way cuter clean shaven!

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