Masti bara 5 years

16 Nov

I am standing talking to 2 ladies I have just met at a desi potluck. Again, just met in the last 30 minutes.

Anyway, here we are talking about married life in general.“So how long have you been married” , one of them asks .

“ Slightly more than 2 and a  half” , I say, spooning more mutter paneer onto my plate.

“2 saal ka shaadi aur kitne saal ka masti ..bolo bolo” ,says the other one rather cattily.

(Roughly translated to “Married 2 years but enjoyed for how manyyears  before that?Tell Tell”)

A WTF moment!

“Ummm..We dated for 5 years before that” , I mumble gathering both my poise and another puri and walk away.

I relate the whole conversation to the husbadoo and have him in splits of laughter.

“You should have given her vivid details of the masti and that would have shut her up “ , he said.

I shrug and pondered. Somehow that lady’s comment had rubbed me the wrong way. To me our relationship was something that cannot be equated
to “masti”.

Will you call surviving on a long distance across continents relationship on an email a day and the rare phone call “masti”?

Or the supporting each other thru a particularly traumatic car accident “masti”?

Or the long raging battles with parents to let the relationship survive “masti”?

Don’t get me wrong – We had our “masti to be sure :There was the extravagant  Disney world trip, the much anticipated NY trip and  then the many cheap but truly rich moments like lounging on a bed bug ridden student futon watching Scrubs episodes back to back and eating Maggi.

There was the warm embrace that you can experience only ifyou have been  away from someone for 14 months , the quiet hand holding on the way to the airport after 2 short days together , the sheer exhilaration of just a heated phone argument on wedding plans when you both know that everyone has
finally come around , the silent tears of joy shed from looking at a Ph.D thesis and seeing the foreword where you are thanked and alluded to as “my fiancée”.

Our moments of “”masti”” were plenty to be sure, but no – you cannot collectively group those 5 years under the masti tag. They were so much more than that –they were of a young love, of dreams of togetherness, of growing up together from silly teenagers to young adults, of standing by each other thru thick and thin.

So there it is, I do take offence to the use of that word here and I now know exactly why I do! Not exactly you casual potluck conversation. Hopefully, I will have someone else ask me this or something very similar soon and I can give it to them with all guns blazing!


2 Responses to “Masti bara 5 years”

  1. My era November 16, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    I know sometimes very simple looking words strike the wrong cords in our system. This particular incident sounded like one of those moments.
    On the other note, I loved knowing more about you and your life with your husband over the years 😀

    • popgoesthebiscuit November 17, 2011 at 10:40 am #

      I know right..maybe it was in jest and I was overthinking it!

      Regarding the relationship, it’s been one crazy ride but I am sure glad I got on!

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