Why I write

7 Nov

So I finally have decided to start a blog.

I have loved reading and writing ever since I can remember. I loved composing short poems and stories before I could even write properly. I remember being five and sitting down with mom to start my first poetry notebook. I dictated poems, often just lines that rhymed, while Mom wrote them down for me – fast and furious. (I wonder where that ragged note book is now.) I remember the preface quite well…something written by my mom to the extent of “This is some of the first works of –“my real name”,  at age five. “ They obviously had hopes that I would become a brilliant writer some day!

That however was not to be!

Fast forward to a few years to my first published story in a local magazine at the age of 7- about a dog and cat who went to the zoo. I remember sitting on our first computer (a 386- Ah! remember those days!!!) and painstakingly typing it out myself, I was paid Rs.20 and was sent a money order in my name and was thrilled. I then wrote a sequel of them going to the beach (yes, cheesy I know but I was 7!)  but somehow we never managed to get it out the door and to the publisher.

For a few years in between I didn’t write much, except for the regular writing tasks for school in which I excelled. At 13, I finally wrote another story. This time an incident at home (making jalebis with disastrous results!) prompted me to put pen to paper and churn out a humorous account. The story was in first person with me being the older child with a younger sister and was quite decently funny writing for a 13 year old. I had the nastiest shock when the magazine ripped it apart, made it in third person about a brother and a sister – (Raju and Rinku!) and cut a lot of the humor out and published it. If that was not enough, the illustrations along with it made me cringe. (Seriously, they had the girl in a “pavadai “and the dad in a “lungi”, pulled up to his knees running around with a ladle and the worst part –  me as a rather stout ,stupid looking boy! ) I was a little embarrassed to see my name attached to it and always showed my original draft to people along with the published version.

Again, I wrote a sequel – this time about a safari we took (again true) but like most of my work it never saw the light of day. I had even thought of 10 themes with the same family- some fiction, some real to put together as a little collection but they only lived in my mind.If I ever get down to it, I might actually put them up on this blog.

To cut a long story short, in the long years in between I wrote for school magazines, college magazines year after year and really never thought more about it. It came easily to me and I took it for granted.

Finally after about 4 years in the workforce, I realize I have almost my whole youth behind me and not any writing that I can really be proud of. I often worry I will wake up one day and not be able to churn out even tripe. I want to write something, anything as frequently as I can. Will it be any good? I don’t know – decent I guess for starters and if we get anything else out of it – a few laughs maybe, we’ll take that too!



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